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Frontslide 100 A Telescopic (Sliding Shutter Hardware)

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Telescopic 2 (25127)

Hawa Sliding Solutions AG Variant:

Hardware for simultaneously sliding up to four wood, metal or aluminium shutters weighing up to 100 kg.

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Suitable for facades with a high proportion of glass, and areas where screening and shade form part of the facade design, such as:

  • Schools.
  • Hotels.
  • Public buildings.
  • Office and administration premises.
  • Apartment buildings.
  • Low-energy houses.


Hardware for simultaneously sliding up to four wood, metal or aluminium shutters weighing up to 100 kg.

Features and benefits:

  • Panel width: 600–1200 mm.
  • Maximum height: 3200 mm.
  • Suitable for shutter thickness of 28–40 mm.
  • Can screen large window areas.
  • Manually operated.
  • The shutters slide simultaneously into the open and closed position.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Aluminium covering screens in either natural anodized or plain finishes ready for custom painting, provide aesthetic appeal and are easily clipped on to the inside or outside of the top track.
  • In buildings with ventilated cladding; open window shutters can slide out of sight into the space between the building wall and the cladding.
  • Manufactured from corrosion resistant materials.
  • Fibreglass-reinforced toothed belts provide high tensile strength and a low level of expansion.
  • Shutters can be removed without loosening the toothed belt.
  • Can be moved telescopically into any position.
  • Fast and efficient assembly from below and from the facade side.
  • Clip-on covers for inside or outside attachment.
  • High level of wind resistance (Class 6).


Quantities vary depending on variant specified, consult manufacturer for details.

  • Two-wheeled trolley M10, with plastic wheels.
  • Stainless steel top fixing plate, with hanger bolt M10.
  • Track stop with adjustable retainer.
  • Toothed belt clamp for manual and automatic systems.
  • Guide pulley wheel with fixing plate (long).
  • Guide pulley wheel with fixing plate (short).
  • Driver (wide).
  • Driver (narrow).
  • Driver counter-plate (wide).
  • Black toothed belt, 2.7 m (fibreglass reinforced).

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Stainless steel

Top fixing plate.




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Two year