Range of Flush control devices

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Specification data - Flush control devices

Product Reference

S8733 - 1¼" Anti Theft Swivel Plug Waste

Suitable for: White Cube 50cm Washbasin

S8734 - 1¼" Brass Swivel Plug Waste

Suitable for: Jasper Morrison 50cm Vessel Washbasin / Strada 50cm Vessel Washbasin / White Round 40cm Vessel Washbasin

S8803 - 1¼" Waste Click Plug

Suitable for: Concept Space 55cm Washbasin - Short Projection / Concept Arc 35cm Handrinse Washbasin / Tesi 45cm Handrinse Washbasin / Concept Air Cube 40cm Handrinse Basin / Concept Space 70cm Vanity Washbasin / Concept Space 60cm Washbasin / Concept Space Arc 50cm Semi-Countertop Washbasin / Strada 50cm Countertop Washbasin One Taphole

S8800 - 1¼" Waste with Bead Chain & Plug

Suitable for: Concept Arc 45cm Corner Handrinse Washbasin / Alto 55cm Semi-Countertop Washbasin / Alto 50cm Washbasin

E6760 - 1¼" Waste with Chain & Plug

Suitable for: Tempo 55cm Semi-countertop Washbasin / Tempo 35cm Handrinse Washbasin / Alto 45cm Handrinse Washbasin / Alto 50cm Washbasin / Alto 55cm Semi-Countertop Washbasin / Concept Sphere 55cm Semi-Countertop Washbasin / Concept Space Cube 50cm Semi-Countertop Washbasin / Concept Sphere 45cm Semi-Countertop Washbasin / Tempo 50/55/60cm Washbasin

S8808 - Click Waste

Suitable for: Strada 45cm Handrinse Washbasin LH Taphole