FLOORMAXX submersible sewage lifting unit

Used for the disposal of sewage water from toilets below the backwash level.

They are suitable for use in:

  • Public or private shelters.
  • Multi-functional buildings which in case of an emergency may be used as mass shelters, e.g. basement car parks, subway systems, etc.
  • Shelters in military installations.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_65_53_24_81 Small bore discharge pumpsPrimary


N13/452 Small-bore macerator and pumping units

N13/454 Small-bore pumping units

Specification data - Small bore discharge pumps

Product Reference

FLOORMAXX submersible sewage lifting unit

Standard product features

Medium handled:

Domestic sewage and faeces.

Operating data:

  • Flow rate (Q) up to 50 m³/h, 14 l/s.
  • Head (H) up to 17.5 m.
  • Temperature (t) up to 35°C, for max. 5 minutes up to 65°C.

Mode of operation:

Intermittent operation S3 according to VDE.


Grease-lubricated deep-groove ball bearings.


  • Motor design: To VDE 0530, Part 1/lEO 34-1.
  • Type of enclosure: IP 68.
  • Thermal class: F.
  • Voltage: 230/ 400 V (D) or 230 V (E).
  • Frequency: 50 Hz.

Product Options

Medium Handled:

Use C design for aggressive media.


  • U = submersible single unit.
  • US = submersible single unit with cutter.
  • UZ = submersible duplex unit.
  • M = microcomputer control.
  • F = electro-mechanical control.
  • D (or without letter) = three-phase motor.
  • E = single-phase motor.
  • T = with direct toilet connection.
  • C = for aggressive media.


Surface-cooled three-phase squirrel cage motor or single-phase AC motor with integrated motor protection, protected against overheating by temperature control device.