FlexLap – Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

FlexLap – Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

Liquasil Ltd Third party certifications:
  • BBA Agrément Certificate

    BBA Agrément Certificate

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Two-component, liquid, cut edge corrosion treatment for metal roofs.

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For application to metal roof surfaces. Designed to treat only the sheets that are suffering from cut edge and/ or spot corrosion - the top sheets.


Two-component, liquid, cut edge corrosion treatment for steel roofing sheets on non-domestic buildings.

Features and benefits:

  • Includes a marine-tested rust treatment.
  • Completely surface and wet tolerant - can be applied directly to wet substrates - therefore poor weather downtime during the preparation stage is significantly reduced.
  • Easy to apply via brush or roller.
  • Cost effective.
  • 100% UV stable.
  • Insoluble in water.
  • Supplied with a 15-year product-only warranty as standard.
  • Optional 12 year Latent Defects Insurance or Insurance Backed Guarantees available (in addition to standard 20 year product warranty) for larger installations via Liquasil Approved Installers at extra cost.


- SWT Corrosion Primer:

  • International Maritime Organization (IMO) approved.
  • Lloyds Ballast Tank Maintenance Coating approval: New Build Applications (bore steel and shop primers).

- FlexLap:

  • Flexible silicone coating, solvent and VOC free. Must be applied to a bone-dry substrate.
  • BBA Certified.
  • Manufacturer recommends the use for sacrificial brushed and rollers.

General information





Goosewing Grey, standard.


Consult manufacturer. Minimum order quantity 100 L.



Marine grade epoxy primer.


Silicone polymer top coat.


15 years

Product-only warranty: 15 years. Insurance options available up to 12 years.

Uniclass 2015

Ss_40_90_60_85 Special coating systemsPrimary


J31/353 Waterproof coating

M60/175 Protective coating

M60/18 Special coating

M60/195 Special coating

Specification data - Special coating systems Enhanced data


Thoroughly clean surfaces and allow to dry.

All loose and flaking material must be removed from the areas to be treated, surface rust may remain in-situ.

If existing finishes are delaminating throughout the roof area, all existing factory finish must be removed in a straight line, across the area to be treated, creating a defined line between the existing finish and the cut edge corrosion treatment.

Suitable preparation methods include but are not limited to: wire brush, grinders and Quill Falcon Kwikblast system.

Surfaces must be completely dry prior to application of the Flexlap silicone component. If an existing cut edge corrosion system is present, consult manufacturer before proceeding.

Initial coats

SWT Corrosion Primer.

Two-part epoxy comprising the primer (part A) and the hardener (part B). Rust and wet tolerant for application to all metal fixings such as hook bolts to prevent rust from breaking through the coating.

Technical characteristics:

  • Colour: Grey.
  • Solids content: 100%.
  • Recommended film thickness: 100 μm. Heavily rusted or pitted surfaces may require two coats.
  • Coverage: Approximately 40 linear metres/kg at 150 mm band width.
  • Drying time: 6–24 hours.
  • Weight: 1 kg/L.
  • Flash point: >100°C.
  • VOC content: 0 g.
  • Finish: Semi-gloss.
  • Application temperature: -20°C to 40°C.

Finishing coats


Hardened silicone top-coat, which helps to extend the life of the system.

Technical characteristics:

  • Composition: Liquid.
  • Odour: Slight.
  • Density: 1.0 (at 20°C).
  • Viscosity: <300 P (at 20°C).
  • Solids content: 100%.
  • Recommended film thickness: 300–500 μm.
  • Coverage: Approximately 12 linear metres/L at 150 mm band width.
  • Drying time: Should be rain free for 2–3 hours. Thoroughly dry after 16 hours.
  • Weight: 0.98 kg/L.
  • Flash point: >32°C.
  • VOC content: 0 g.
  • Finish: Semi-gloss.
  • Application temperature: -5°C to 60°C.

Product Reference

FlexLap Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment


Goosewing Grey.



Consult manufacturer and insert requirements. Minimum order quantity 100 L.

Accessories/ Other requirements

Not required.

100 mm wide perforated fleece.

100 mm-wide perforated fleece: Designed to bed into the FlexLap to create a permanent, flexible seal that will withstand foot traffic without breaking. For use when replacing an existing cut edge corrosion treatment or when sheets are severely corroded and in-holed.

Lapsil Sealant.

Optional gun-applied high modulus silicone sealant for sealing between overlapping roof sheets. Sealing overlapping roof sheets is not recommended unless this is a specific requirement of the client.

Environmental information

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom


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