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FIREPRO® Insulated Fire Sleeve


Designed to expand and seal the gaps between surrounding pipework. The 300 mm-long insulated fire sleeve is suitable for fire stopping steel and copper pipework, and is compatible with a range of plastic services.


ROCKWOOL Insulated Fire Sleeves possess a unique combination of stone wool and graphite intumescent to create a thermal and fire insulation solution. When exposed to fire, the insulated fire sleeves expand and seal the gaps between surrounding pipework and construction and will continue to close the gap as plastic pipes melt or soften. As part of the ROCKWOOL FIREPRO© range, this product comes in a wide range of diameters to suit various pipe sizes.

The 300 mm-long insulated fire sleeve is suitable for fire-stopping steel and copper pipework and is compatible with a range of plastic services.

Features and benefits:

  • Quick, simple and accurate installation.
  • Supplied with integral vapour barrier.
  • No mastic or ancillaries required.
  • Tested and assessed to BS 476: Part 20 and/or BS EN 1366-3: 2009.
  • Acoustically tested and shown to deliver Rw 59 dB.
  • CE marked and IFC approved.


The use of Insulated Fire Sleeves can considerably reduce the noise emission from noisy pipework. ROCKWOOL Insulated Fire Sleeves have been tested to provide up to Rw 49 dB. For higher standards of acoustic insulation, it is recommended that an increased length of the pipework on either side of the compartment wall or floor is insulated with ROCKWOOL Techwrap 2 or Techtube.

General information


Stone wool



Pr_65_52_61_15 Concealed intumescent pipe collarsPrimary


P12/43 Pipe collar

P12/370 Pipe collar

Specification data - Concealed intumescent pipe collars Enhanced data


Fitted in hole or opening.

Fire performance

To BS 476- 20, up to two hours.

Independently tested and assessed to BS 476- 20 for periods of up to two hours in concrete walls and floors, plasterboard partitions and ROCKWOOL Ablative Coated Batts.

Sound insulation rating

Rw 49 dB.


To BS EN 14303; ISO 14001.

Insulation thickness (minimum)

25 mm.


300 mm.


17–169 mm.

They are manufactured to fit a range of standard pipe sizes, from 17–169 mm outside diameter and in a standard thickness of 25 mm. Other pipe sizes and thicknesses may be available to special order.

Third party certifications

  • IFC approved: Certificate No IFCC 1061

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