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  • The product has been specially formulated for use with FIREPRO® BEAMCLAD/Fire Tube and ROCKWOOL Fire Duct Systems where glued joints or noggins are required.
  • FIREPRO® glue must always be stirred before use to ensure a uniform product consistency.
  • Generally, storage should be made in frost free conditions. Should frost exposure occur, the glue should be thawed out followed by thorough stirring. Frost exposure does not remove curing ability.
  • FIREPRO® glue is suitable for use where there is a requirement for a fire-resistant adhesive.
  • The product has been widely used in fire tests conducted on ROCKWOOL Fire Protection Systems -achieving fire ratings of up to four hours.


A water-based and fire-resistant adhesive with an approximate pH 11. It has been specially developed for fixing ROCKWOOL fire protection systems as well as other suitable ROCKWOOL products where a high-quality, fire-resistant adhesive is required.

Features and benefits:

  • For use in LUL surface and sub-surface premises when installed in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
  • Cures in four hours.
  • Can be used from -10ºC upward.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_31_02_38 High-performance ready-mixed adhesivesPrimary


K11/885 Fire protection board

K11/890 Board

K11/60 Board

Specification data - High-performance ready-mixed adhesives Enhanced data

Setting time

Four hours.


Application temperature


Can be used from -10ºC upward.


300 ml.


17 kg.