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Fire Exit Steel Door - Armourdoor - AD10 Single

The Armourdoor Fire Exit Steel Door AD10 is constructed from 1.2 mm zinc protected steel sheets joined together in a bonding process with a choice of infill.

Choose from honeycomb core, rock wool, or solid timber dependant on insulation and security requirements. The door is supported by a 1.6 mm profiled zinc protected steel frame.

Common Use: Commonly used as a fire exit door that is used by the general public. It provides safe and effective escape through the doorway with minimal effort and without prior knowledge of operation.  

Single opening width from 690 to 1350 mm.

General information


Steel fire exit door used by the general public to provide safe and effective escape with minimal effort without prior knowledge of operation


Powder coated (optional: wood grain, PVC laminate and stainless steel)


Opening: 790-1350 mm. Height: ≤ 2900 mm

Uniclass 2015

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