This range of floor ducting profiles consists of preformed tray sections made from 22 gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel, and is designed for fixing to the surface of the subfloor before screeding. Return flanges give recessed support to pre-cut 12 mm-thick plywood covers, laid flush with the rest of the finished floor. The manufacturing process utilized by Pendock enables almost any size of floor ducting to be supplied. A complete range of accessories is available on standard and non-standard products, including butt joint plates, corner sections, T-junctions and stop-ends. It is permissible to lay continuous floor finishes, including tiling and carpeting, over the duct cover board, provided that building plans identify the location of the duct.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_65_70_11_31 Floor-mounted cable trunking and ductingPrimary


P31/300 Floor ducting/ trunking

Specification data - Floor-mounted cable trunking and ducting

Product Reference

FDT Flush Floor Ducting




100 mm

150 mm

200 mm


50 mm

70 mm

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