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FD120 Mineral Core Internal Flush Door Assembly

Forza Doors Limited Third party certifications:
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A range of 120 minute fire rated, 59 m thick, face finished, mineral core internal door assemblies.

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A range of single doors, double doors and unequal pairs, suitable for fitting into mineral composite frames. Doors are face finished with totally bespoke, hand-crafted, real wood veneers or commercially available decorative laminates. Matched overpanels in a transomed composite frame are also available.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_24_16 Composite doorsetsPrimary


L20/480 Doorsets

L20/55 Doorsets

Specification data - Composite doorsets

Product Reference


120 minutes to BS 476-22: 1987.


120 minutes to BS 476-22: 1987 and cold smoke control to BS 476-31.


A, single leaf

B, double equal leaves

C, double unequal leaves

D, single leaf and overpanel

E, double equal leafs and overpanel

F, double unequal leaves and overpanel




High Pressure Laminate, colour

Insert laminate manufacturer's colour reference.

PVC, high impact, colour

Insert manufacturer's colour reference.

Wood veneer, species

Insert species.



Two coats high solid UV cured lacquer; clear/ 30% gloss/ other. Insert requirements.

Limed wash

Finished with one coat high solid UV clear lacquer, 30% gloss.

Primed only

Forza primed coat (FPC) for painting by others.

Stained, colour

Insert colour required – finished with two coats high solid UV clear lacquer, 30% gloss.







Consult Forza for further details.

Finish/ colour


Two coats of clear/ tinted lacquer, 20% gloss/ other – insert requirements.

Primed only

One/ two coats for paint finishing by others.

Stained, colour

Insert colour required, finished with two coats of high-solid acid-catalysed lacquer.

Vision panels






Refer to Forza guidance on installation of FD120 hardware.

Standard product features

Fire performance:

  • Forza FD120 doorsets are approved under IFC Field of Application report PAR/10922/01.
  • Each Forza fire door carries a unique IFCC tamper evident label that identifies its audit trail of manufacture and affirms its fire characteristics.

Door frame:

  • Composite mineral core/ 2 mm lippings and 2 mm face veneers. Minimum dimensions: 104 x 47 mm.
  • Applied door stop (minimum): 44 x 12 mm. See Forza drawing reference FZD0477.


  • Bead profile: Steel ‘Z’ section bead.
  • Glass: 5 mm Firelite.

Door leaf core:

Rail and stile composite mineral core 51 mm thick (average density 240 kg/m³) faced with two layers of 4 mm MDF (minimum density 640 kg/m³). Overall thickness: 59 mm.

Perimeter seals:

Factory fitted to leaf(s)/ frame, PVC cased intumescent/ smoke/ acoustic seals to manufacturer's choice to meet fire and smoke control and sound insulation, as specified in applicable test report or assessment (combined seals permitted).

Product Options


Concealed/ exposed near match timber hardwood lipping (650 kg/m³) to all four edges before/ after applying face finish. Minimum standard finished 3 mm square.

Wood veneer facings:

A wide range of veneers are available, offering a variety of cuts, grain directions and layon matching, including:

  • Book match veneer layon.
  • Random match veneer layon.
  • Slip match veneer layon.

Consult Forza for further details.

Vision panels:

Consult Forza for further details regarding size and position.

Third party certifications

  • IFC Certification Ltd: FRTD 497 : Fire performance scheme

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