EuroMix One Coat Render

Euro Mix One Coat Renders consists of white limestone sands, white cement, lime and other additives, transported to the building site in either bulk silos, pre-packaged bags or sacks and are mixed on site with the addition of water. One Coat Renders are designed for use as backing coat and finishing coat in external rendering and internal plastering. They are manufactured under BSI/NSAI registered ISO 9001 Quality System and comply with the requirements of the following BSs, when used in accordance with the standards:

  • BS EN 998-1:2003 and BS 5262:1991 Code of Practice for External Renderings.
  • BS 5492:1990 Code of Practice for Internal Plastering.

Materials comply with the following standards:

  • Sand - BS EN 13139:2002.
  • Cement - BS EN 197-1:2000 (UK) and IS EN 197-1:2000 (Ireland).
  • Lime - BS EN 459-1:2000 (UK) and IS 8:1973 (Ireland).
  • Admixtures - BS EN 934-2:2001.


Remove all dust, loose material and any contamination from the background. Fill voids and deeply recessed joints so that they are level with the surrounding background. Wet down very porous and high-suction substrates 24 hours before application, taking care to avoid excessive use of water. Treat junctions between different surfaces in accordance with the recommendations of BS 5262. When spray-applied on to new brickwork or concrete blockwork, EuroMix One Coat Render does not require EuroMix High Bond Render. When the render is applied to concrete or very smooth surfaces EuroMix High Bond Render, is essential in order to provide a satisfactory key.

General information


Ashlar stone

Rough stone


Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_64_12 Cementitious rendersPrimary


M20/160 Proprietary cement gauged render

M20/19 Proprietary render

Specification data - Cementitious renders

Product Reference

EuroMix One Coat Render


Pale Brown

Pale Marigold

Pale Red

Pale Yellow

Strong Brown

Strong Marigold

Strong Red

Strong Yellow



18 mm total


Ashlar stone

Rough stone


Standard product features

Waterproofers are included in our mix design in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations. Admixtures do not contain calcium chlorides.

Product Options

One Coat Renders are available in any traditional mix type for hand or spray application as specified.

Final coat:


  • Scraped finish: Once the work is set, a uniform finish is achieved by using a toothed scraper to remove the top surface. The total thickness of the finished work after scraping should be 15 mm.
  • Rough stone finish: Once the work is set, a uniform finish is achieved by using a toothed scraper to remove the top surface. After 24-48 hours use a carborundum block to polish the surface.
  • Ashlar stone finish Once the work is set, a uniform finish is achieved by using a toothed scraper to remove the top surface. Form the joints and cuts by cutting into the surface using a special handsaw. Take special care to avoid damaging the external angles by always working away from the corners. All cuts to be kept uniform, leaving a minimum of 10 mm cover in the recesses. After 24 hours, wash down the work with clean water.


Apply EuroMix One Coat Render in two passes. At the first pass apply a 3-5 mm thick coating on to the prepared background. After approximately 30 minutes, apply a 10-15 mm thick coating giving a total thickness of 18 mm.

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