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Eurofold Folding Shutter Doors

  • Suitable for internal and external use.
  • Bespoke sizing - suitable for small commercial to large industrial openings.


Horizontal sliding folding shutter, suitable for external and internal closure applications.


- Gate frame:

  • Formed from double channel vertical pickets made from 1.2 mm-thick galvanized steel, interconnected by 2 mm-thick galvanized cold formed lattice bars.
  • The gate frame is top hung from a ball bearing pulley connected to the picket by zinc plated pulley brackets. At the base, the frame is fitted with zinc plated bottom guide pieces designed to run in a bottom track.

- Leading edge:

Manufactured from a galvanized section which incorporates pull handles, the high security leading edge strengthens the shutter further. A draught-excluding overlapping section is provided.

- Coverplate:

A galvanized steel weather coverplate is provided over the top of the shutter leaves, which is bolted to the top track and supported by straps to give security and weather protection.

Features and benefits:

  • Can be installed singly or in pairs.
  • Bespoke sizing.
  • Manual or electric operation.
  • Smooth operation.
  • Durable, strong and versatile.
  • Capable of withstanding vehicle collision and severe wind conditions.


  • Suitable for internal and external use.
  • Bespoke sizing - suitable for small commercial to large industrial openings.

General information


See 'Options' and insert requirements.

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_24_81 Sliding folding doorsetsPrimary


L20/530 Sliding folding external doors

L20/535 Sliding folding shutter doors

L20/60 Doors

Specification data - Sliding folding doorsets

Product Reference

Eurofold Folding Shutter Doors

Third party accreditation

Consult manufacturer





Bi-parting opening, pair

One way bunching, left-hand side

One way bunching, right-hand side

Face fixed to inside of opening

Includes end panels; see 'Options' for details.

Mounted in reveal


See 'Options' and insert requirements.

Track system

Manufacturer's standard

Door leaf



Galvanized steel




Polyester powder coated, RAL

Consult manufacturer for options and insert RAL code.





Manufacturer's standard




Safety edges

Vision panels

To be specified separately; consult manufacturer for details.

Standard product features

Track system:

- Top track:

The standard top track from which the shutter is suspended is constructed from two galvanized steel sections 90 mm-deep, bolted together to give a strong smooth running section for the shutter, minimizing friction. Only a small amount of headroom is required for the top track and variable packing is provided to allow adjustment in height during longer term service requirements.

- Bottom track:

The bottom guide pieces are retained within a galvanized steel, special 3 mm-thick bottom track.

Door leaf:

- Construction:

Full height galvanized steel shutter leaves, 305 mm wide by 1.2 mm thick. These are formed into a detail to provide a continuously interlocking weather tight elevation when interconnected by securely capped galvanized hinge strips.


All shutters are supplied with appropriate fixing bolts for the top track, back fixings, locking channel and where applicable for end panel and cantilever brackets.

Product Options


- Arrangement:

All doors are top hung.

- Weight:

Approximately 32 kg/m².

- Finish:

Non-galvanized components finished with one coat of priming paint.

- Face fixed to inside of opening:

End panels: For doors face fixed behind and bunching clear of the opening a neat, draught resistant closure is provided by galvanized steel sheet end panels. For increased security, single doors close onto a galvanized steel slam channel fixed full height to the opening structure.


- Maximum (w x h):

  • One way bunching: 10 x 7 m.
  • Bi-parting opening, pair: 20 x 7 m.


- Electric:

Via a totally enclosed, 400 V three-phase geared motor operated by a constant pressure push button starter adjacent to and giving full view of the opening. In the event of power failure, a disconnection to manual operation is included.

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