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Eternal Wood Sheet Flooring


Meets all the functional and practical requirements demanded in such segments as health and aged care, education, office, retail and leisure and hospitality.


High-tech heterogeneous compact sheet vinyl that fits all general-purpose needs in various applications, and offers a choice of realistic wood designs and plank sizes, including some multi-width plank designs.

Features and benefits:

  • Realistic designs.
  • The majority of designs feature Forbo's proven PUR Pearl lacquering protection technique.
  • Deep lacquering layer helps to prevent the surface of Eternal becoming soiled and reduces maintenance costs.
  • The PUR Pearl finish ensures a matt, natural and authentic look.
  • Coordinated design offer with Step safety flooring and other Forbo ranges.
  • Possibility to customize specific signature designs to your project requirements.
  • Lowest possible residual indentation, as a result of the balanced construction and calendared backing.
  • Easy to handle during installation, and will remain flat and stable in use thanks to the high-tech product construction.
  • At least 60% recycled material in the backing; all production waste is put to good use.
  • 100% phthalate-free and with low emission levels.
  • Manufactured using 100% green electricity from renewable resources, and meeting all relevant quality and environmental standards.
  • Micro embossing technology reduces the need for chemical cleaning and increases the floor's lifespan.

Suitable underlays:

  • Forbo QuickFit Subfloor System.
  • Forbo Sarlibase T.E. Underlay.
  • Forbo Vinylbase Acoustic Underlay.

Suitable adhesives:

  • Eurocol 140 Euromix PU Pro: a polyurethane resin and hardener, water-resistant two-component PU adhesive.
  • Eurocol 233 Eurosol Contact: a synthetic rubber in solvent, fast-setting contact adhesive.
  • Eurocol 640 Eurostar Special: a superior acrylic dispersion, low VOC-emitting adhesive with a high initial grab.

General information


35 colours available.








Heterogeneous PVC to BS EN ISO 10582; glass fleece core.


Ten year


2 m



Pr_35_57_71_67 Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheetsPrimary


M50/150 Sheeting

M50/20 Sheeting

Product range

Eternal Vinyl Sheeting

Specification data - Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheets Enhanced data


To BS EN ISO 10582 for heterogeneous PVC sheet.

Use class

Class 34 / 43.

Slip potential


Slip resistance value (SRV) (minimum)/ Pendulum test value (PTV) (minimum)

DIN 51130, R10; BS EN 13893, DS ≥0.30.

Recycled content



2000 mm.


2.0 mm.

Colour and pattern

10362 warm chestnut.

10322 white chestnut.

10342 dark chestnut.

10232 dark walnut.

11542 traditional oak.

11442 washed beech.

11162 tropical beech.

12862 grey oak.

12802 elegant oak.

12832 natural oak.

11912 whitewashed oak.

11932 rustic oak.

11952 steamed oak.

11942 dark grey oak.

13412 shadow oak.

13442 light oak.

13922 bleached timber.

13932 pale timber.

13942 classic timber.

13952 greywashed timber.

13802 blond timber.

11632 light oak.

11652 vintage oak.

10832 hazelnut oak.

10842 cream oak.

10852 chocolate oak.

36022 classic herringbone.

36042 brown herringbone.

36062 grey herringbone.

10112 soft colourful planks.

10132 bright colourful planks.

Product Reference

Forbo Eternal Wood


2800 g/m².

Dimension stability (to EN-ISO 23999)


UKSRG pendulum test

PTV dry>50.

Resistance to chemicals (to EN-ISO 26787)

Very good.

Lightfastness (to ISO 105-B02)


Indoor Air Emissions (to ISO 16516)

TVOC after 28 days: <50 μg/m³.

CE Marked to EN 14041

Meets requirements.

Reaction to fire (to BS EN 13501)

BfI-s1, L, NCS.

Body voltage (to BS EN 1815)

<2 kV.

Thermal conductivity (to BS EN 12524)

0.25 W/m.

Wear layer

0.7 mm.

Environmental information

Contains Red List materials


Country of material origin


Country of product manufacture


Embodied carbon

14.1 kg CO2 Eq m²



Recycled content

18 %

Digital objects

Platform Compatible Version Certified to


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Forbo Product Portfolio 2022

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Forbo Eternal LRV and DSDC Accreditation Overview

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