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Epping Timber Bollard


The Epping range are square hardwood bollards, with a four-way weathered top and soft chamfered vertical edges of 6 mm, are a popular choice for residential developments. Manufactured from Opepe hardwood as standard which offer long term durability and good fire resistance, they are 100% biodegradable. Grooved neck features can be readily machined into the bollards, with the further option of the application of reflective tape to improve their visibility. Epping timber bollards can be drilled to accept rails or eyebolts for chains to form a pedestrian barrier. The Epping timber bollard can be made to any size.

All hardwoods used by Furnitubes International are supplied by countries where governments operate strict controls on the size of trees that can be felled and where a forest conservation policy and replantation programme is in operation.

General information

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Q50/190 Bollards

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Product range


Specification data - Hardwood bollards

Product Reference

Epping Timber Bollard


See 'Options' below and insert requirements.




Steel spiked chain link, galvanized.


Steel plain chain link, galvanized.


Steel M10 eye bolt, bright zinc plated.


Steel split link, galvanized.


Red/ white chevron reflective tape.


Red reflective tape.


White reflective tape.


Yellow reflective tape.


33 mm diameter holes for steel rail

42 mm diameter holes for steel rail

48 mm diameter holes for steel rail

Standard product features

Material/ Finish:

  • Opepe hardwood, Sadolin Woodstain finish - colour 'Mais'.
  • Material is subject to availability - alternatives may be offered including Wallebe and Greenheart.


Root fixed.

Product Options


Insert product code prefix 'ESP, followed by square section and overall height, for example: ESP125/750.

The following square sections are available:

  • 125 mm.
  • 150 mm.
  • 175 mm.
  • 200 mm.
  • 225 mm.
  • 250 mm.

The following overall heights are available:

  • 750 mm.
  • 900 mm.
  • 1200 mm.
  • 1500 mm.

Note: Hardwood type is variable due to fluctuating availability of raw materials. Consult manufacturer regarding current stock material.

Economy versions:

'Garrick' oak or softwood timber bollards can be specified. Most sizes are available. Replace product code prefix ESP with GAR and specify either Oak Hardwood or Prepared Tanalized Softwood.


Bollards are available with a square cut groove, to allow for a reflective band if required. Replace product code prefix ESP with ESG if a groove is required.

Holes for rails:

Most bollards are available with pre-drilled holes to accept carbon steel rails. State size and number of holes required, height below top of bollard to the centre of the hole and whether the post is an end, intermediate, corner, three or four way junction, when specifying.

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