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Product general description:

EP Addatex BT is a solvent free seamless flooring system with blended natural aggregates or coloured quartz to provide a hard wearing durable finish. Design movement joints in the substrate should be maintained through the flooring system. It is designed for industrial and commercial buildings requiring an aesthetic, hard wearing, seamless, decorative floor, resistant to chemical and mechanical loads. It also provides an easy to clean and hygienic finish.

For UV stability PU Addatex BT should be used.

System components:

  • EP Addatex BT resin or PU Addatex BT.
  • Stone aggregate: A choice of natural and synthetic aggregates with more than 500 different colours available; possibilities to produce colour combinations, designs or company logo’s.


All loose substrate material, laitance and contamination to be carefully removed. The surface to be treated must be prepared by grinding, light vacuum assisted shot blasting, diamond grinding or machine sanding with coarse sandpaper. Surfaces contaminated with oil or liquid contamination should degreased as required. Substrates must be swept/ carefully vacuumed to remove debris. All surfaces to be treated must be dry.

Do not apply when the temperature is below 10°C.

General information
Specification data - Resin floor coatings
Product Reference

EP Addatex BT

PU AddaTex BT

Resin flooring -

One layer compacted followed by a further coat of resin

Nominal thickness

___ mm


Addatex Pore Filler

Standard product features

Resin flooring application:

Apply in one layer at required depth and compact by trowel to leave a flat surface as required. Allow to cure. If required apply a sealcoat of Addagrip Addatex Pore Filler by flat hand squeegee as required to seal the surface. EP Addatex BT or PU Addatex BT should be applied within 24 hours of priming.

Product Options

Nominal thickness:

3 to 12 mm – consult with Addagrip for recommendations.


Consult with Addagrip for details or samples.

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