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EP Addaflor and EP Addaflor with Addagrip Bio is a solvent-free epoxy, high build two component coloured floor coating for use in production areas, garage workshops, warehouses, aircraft hangars, etc. A variety of aggregates can be added to provide an anti-slip finish. Suitable for light, medium and heavy traffic. EP Addaflor with Addagrip Bio silver ion antimicrobial technology provides protection against the growth of bacteria, fungi and mould. For healthcare establishments, the protected flooring offers an effective part of the solution in the fight against the 'superbug' MRSA and other healthcare associated infections. In food and catering environments, the antimicrobial finish offers protection against bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella, helping to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Product range:

  • EP Addaflor is used to provide a coloured hard wearing coating to protect concrete surfaceswhich are subject to mechanical and chemical attack.
  • EP Addaflor CR provides improved chemical resistance.
  • EP Addaflor XFH provides a faster cure time, approximately 6–8 hours.


All loose substrate material, laitance and contamination to be carefully removed. The surface to be treated must be prepared by grinding, vacuum assisted shot blasting, diamond grinding or machine sanding with coarse sandpaper. All surfaces to be treated must be dry.

Do not apply when the temperature is below 10°C.

General information
Specification data - Resin floor coatings
Product Reference

EP Addaflor

EP Addaflor with Addagrip Bio

EP Addaflor CR

EP Addaflor CR with Addagrip Bio

EP Addaflor XFH

EP Addaflor with Addagrip Bio

Resin flooring -

One coat

Two coats

Nominal thickness


165 micrometres per coat


Battleship Grey (00-A-09)

Burgundy (04-D-45)

Dark Blue (20-D-45)

Dark Green (14-C-39)

Industrial Grey (00-A-05)

Light Blue (18-D-43)

Neptune Green (14-E-53)

Safety Red (04-E-45)

Safety Yellow (08-E-51)

Sand (08-C-35)

Sky Blue (18-E-53)

Silver Grey (00-A-01)


Surface finish/ treatment

Not required

Anti-slip aggregate

Standard product features


High Build Epoxy Coating.

Product Options

Resin flooring application:

One or two coats by brush, roller or rubber squeegee. Second coat to be applied after 10 hours but not later than 24 hours after application of the first.

Nominal thickness:

132 to 165 micrometres per coat – consult with Addagrip for recommendations.


Additional colours or colour matching is available on request; consult with Addagrip for details.

Surface finish/treatment:

For anti-slip qualities scatter a chosen aggregate into the EP primer or first coat of EP Addaflor.

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