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ENcore Fire Doorset FD30, FD60


Solid core door providing fire performance up to 60 minutes in an extensive size range. The doors also have excellent mechanical and acoustic performance. Available as door leaves only or as doorsets, and matching non-fire doors are available.

  • Consistent and durable chipboard core construction does not require additional sub-facings or internal framing.
  • Independent third party fire test reports or assessments can be provided for every individual door type supplied, even though purpose-made.
  • Doors with resistance to cold smoke are also available, as required in many applications.
  • Doors also achieve high levels of acoustic and mechanical performance, strength and dimensional stability.
  • Glazed apertures can be included without compromising performance.
  • Rounded vertical edges to doors and frames (option) improve impact resistance of edges and reduce risk of injury to persons in the event of accidental heavy contact.
  • BM TRADA Q-Mark or equivalent.
  • Special-purpose doors are available for sound insulation, X-ray or electronic screening, clean rooms, entrance doors ((successfully tested to both PAS 23 and PAS 24) etc.

Acoustic doors

Shadbolt acoustic doors comprise standard doors fitted with acoustic perimeter seals, and provide sufficient sound insulation, 35 dB SRI Rw (maximum) for the majority of applications. Can combine 30 or 60 minutes fire resistance with sound insulation, and provide the same high quality of appearance and mechanical performance as all Shadbolt doors.

General information


Pr_30_59_24_97 Wood doorsetsPrimary


L20/410 Wood doorsets

L20/55 Doorsets

Product range

Non Fire Rated and Fire Rated Doors and Doorsets

Specification data - Wood doorsets

Product Reference

ENcore Fire Doorset FD30, FD60

Size (w x h)

___ x ___ mm

Maximum 1500 x 3000 mm.

As schedule ___

Door leaf



Electronic screening

FD30/ E30

30 minutes fire resistance to BS 476-22 and BS EN 1634-1.

FD60/ E60

60 minutes fire resistance to BS 476-22 and BS EN 1634-1.

Non-fire rated

Smoke stop

Sound insulating, Rw ___ dB

35 dB (maximum), insert requirements.



44 mm

54 mm


Plastic laminate, colour ___

Insert requirements.

Wood veneer, species ___

Insert requirements.


Lip two vertical edges concealed

Lip two vertical edges exposed

Lip four edges concealed

Lip four edges exposed

Glazed aperture

Not required

Clear laminated, thickness 6.4 mm, style ___

Insert requirements.

Clear toughened, thickness 6 mm, style ___

Insert requirements.

FD30 clear glass 7.2 mm

FD60 clear glass 16 mm

As drawing ___

Insert requirements.


As schedule ___



Rounded vertical edges

Not required


Finish as delivered

Enamel satin lacquer

High gloss clear polyester

Semi-matt lacquer

Stain, colour ___

Insert requirements.

As door leaf

Standard product features

Door leaf:

- Core:

Solid high density three-ply chipboard.

- Finish as delivered:

Wood veneer: Two coats of high-solid acid-catalysed semi-matt (20% gloss) lacquer/ polyurethane lacquer/ UV cured lacquer.

Frame and architraves:

Hardwood, MDF or Softwood: Manufacturer's choice to comply with performance and appearance required.

Mechanical performance:

Severe duty Class 4 to BS EN 1191, 1192 and 12400.


  • 18 mm MDF/ softwood assembled and braced (non fire, FD30).
  • 18 mm hardwood > 650 kg/m³ assembled and braced (FD60).

Product Options

Door leaf:

- Facing:

A wide range of wood veneer species available, along with alternative facings such as plastic laminates, please consult with Shadbolt for exact details and product references.

- Lipping:

Concealed or exposed edge lippings of minimum 7 mm thickness in near matching hardwood, applied using radio-frequency glue without tongue to the two long edges or all four edges.


- Finish as delivered:

To complement veneered doors, a wide range of finishes are available including semi-matt lacquer, high gloss clear polyester, enamel satin lacquer or stain, please consult with Shadbolt for exact details.


Fire doors and doorsets

Fire doors and doorsets

Third party certifications

  • Sound Research Laboratories (Acoustic Performance)
  • Chiltern International Fire & International Fire Consultants (Fire Performance)

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