Elite System 52fr

All Euroclad products are manufactured under a Quality Management System accredited to ISO 9001 and an Environmental Management System accredited to ISO 14001. Elite systems are completely non-combustible and recyclable, with the option of a 12 or 25 year Guarantee; the system must be installed by a Euroclad Elite Systems recommended installer.

Elite System 52fr is fast and economical vertical clad walling for light industry, retail, dry sports and leisure buildings giving maximum 4 hours fire resistance.

Elite System 52 non-fire rated version is also available.

General information


H31/10 Metal

H31/120 Metal

Specification data

Product Reference

Elite System 52fr

External sheet



MW5CS Profile, 0.5 mm

MW5CS Profile, 0.7 mm


Corus Colorcoat HPS200®

Corus Colorcoat Prisma®




0.30 W/m²°C

0.35 W/m²°C

Vapour control membrane

Monarflex VB

Procheck 500

Not required


Flashings, finish and colour matching external sheet

Not required

Standard product features

External sheet cover width:

1000 mm.

External Sheet Colours:

From Corus Standard Range, Repertoir and through Consultation with Euroclad.

Liner panel:

Euroclad 19/1000 0.4 mm steel, standard factory finish.


  • 0.30 U-value: Eurobar 140 mm high.
  • 0.35 U-value: Eurobar 120 mm high.

Breather membrane:

Euroclad does not recommend a breather membrane in Elite systems.

Vapour control membrane:

Euroclad recommend the use of A Proctor Procheck 500 or Monarflex VB with a minimum vapour resistance of 500 MNs/g together with Probond RG Tape or Monobond sealant with vapour resistivity equal to the vapour control layer.

Fire rating (maximum):

Sheeting rails:

  • Must be supplied with slotted holes to assist thermal expansion.
  • Nuts and bolts/ steel and plastic washers: 16 mm diameter.

4 hours fire resistance

Acoustic performance (120 mm Rockwool/ 0.5 mm steel):

SRi = 40dB - contact Euroclad for details.

Product Options

External sheets:

  • Euroclad MW5CS 0.5 mm or 0.7 mm steel.

External sheet coating:

  • Steel (Corus Colorcoat): HPS200®/ Prisma® - a Corus Confidex® guarantee is given with these coatings.

System U-value:

  • 0.30 W/m²°C: 150 mm Rockwool Cladding Roll (0.040 W/m²K).
  • 0.35 W/m²°C: 120 mm Rockwool Cladding Roll (0.040 W/m²K).
  • Alternative spacer/ insulation combinations are available to achieve greater U-values.


Flashings, rainwater goods, fabricated details and trims can also be provided by Euroclad who can also recommend suppliers of compatible rooflights and fall arrest systems.

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