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Elite 3 A2

100 mm-thick glass fibre insulation

Euroclad Group Ltd Variant:

High performance acoustical insulated secret fix roofing system for pitches greater than 1°.

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A recyclable robust secret-fix roof built-up system suitable for:

  • Roof pitches ≥ 1˚.
  • Curved roofs (can self-curve up to 50 m radius).
  • All humidity class buildings.
  • Applications where acoustic absorption is a requirement (Class C non-fragility perforated liner and Class B roof assembly).
  • Warehousing, logistics centres and large scale applications.


Site assembled recyclable robust secret-fix built-up roofing system. Comprises of a liner sheet (structural deck) separated by a spacer system, with an external steel profile and mineral wool or glass fibre insulation that sits between the sheets to provide acoustic insulation.

Features and benefits:

  • Robust and recyclable secret-fix roofing.
  • 0.7 mm stainless steel external profile sheet.
  • Provides thermal and acoustic insulation with either glass fibre or mineral wool insulation.
  • Shaped acoustic batts.
  • 25 year guarantee.
  • For additional thicknesses/ U-values, contact Euroclad technical team.

General information



Mineral wool

Glass Fibre




25 year

Elite Systems are guaranteed for up to 25 years with the Elite Plus system guarantee.


Ss_30_40_65_50 Metal profiled sheet self-supporting roof covering systemsPrimary


H31/10 Metal

H31/120 Metal

Specification data - Metal profiled sheet self-supporting roof covering systems

Liner sheets



EC 32-200-1000 Liner MW5_2L 0.7 mm solid steel sheet.

Air and vapour control layer



Euroclad Elite VCL, 500 MNs/g.

For humidity class 1-4.

Euroclad Elite High Humidity VCL, 30 000 MNs/g.

For humidity class 5.


Euroclad Elite VCL sealing tape.

Use with Euroclad Elite VCL.

Euroclad Elite HH VCL sealing tape.

Use with Euroclad Elite High Humidity VCL.


Bar and bracket.

Galvanized steel Quattro spacer system fitted at 1.2 m centres - available height, 80-400 mm.

Acoustic insulation

Shaped acoustic batts.

Thermal insulation

Glass fibre insulation.

External sheets



Stainless steel profiled sheets.

EC 54-500 SF500 Secret Fix 0.7 mm external profile steel sheet.

System accessories

Not required.

Euroclad Architectural internal/ external butt jointed 0.7 mm steel flashings.

Samples required

Not required.

Product samples.

Contact manufacturer.


Stainless steel.

Profile fillers

Metallocene polyolefin (MP), black.

Metallocene polyolefin (MP), white.


External sheet coating.

Colorcoat® HPS200® Ultra.

Colorcoat® Prisma®.

Reaction to fire (EN 13501-1)

Or classified without the need for testing via Commission Decision D 96/603/EC.

Class A1 (Colorcoat® Prisma®).

Class A1 and Class C-s2, d0 (Colorcoat® HPS200® Ultra).

Sound reduction

45 dB RW.

For 0.25 U Value. Specific test data available on request - contact manufacturer.

Sound absorption

Class A.


Based on thermal conductivity: 0.040 W/mK (for both glass fibre and mineral wool insulation).

0.48 W/m²K.


System weight.

18.86 kg/m².


Insulation thickness.

100 mm.

Curve radius


Up to 50 m.

Roof pitch

≥ 1˚.

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