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Electronic Passport Smart Lockset

Safehinge Primera Third party certifications:
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Anti-ligature electronic lockset managed via wireless network with five-way SOS (Staff Override System) anti-barricade, ensuring staff can always gain access.

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  • Designed specifically for mental health environments.
  • Suitable for non-service user areas, allowing bedrooms and office doors to be operated with the same access card, to offer improved monitoring of staff attendance and movement.
  • Suitable for use with standard mortice locks and fire doors.


Anti-ligature electronic lockset, which conforms to current recovery-led mental health design by providing service users with their own key and enables remote access rights programming, real-time updates and usage audit-trail.

Features and benefits:

  • Combines safety and speed of access, and allows all access control to be managed from a single platform.
  • Five-way SOS (Staff Override System) and emergency tool included so staff can always gain access.
  • Wire-free system reduces disruption during installation and doesn't interfere with existing technology (radio frequencies (RF) cannot be blocked).
  • Remotely programmed lock or wall reader means staff only need one access card, which can operate any number of door locks.
  • Provides real-time updates and audit trail, recording user movement and keeping track of card numbers.
  • Operated via a swipe card, wristband or key fob as opposed to mechanical keys, reducing risk of tampering and damage using a keyway. If a card is lost, it can be deactivated quickly to ensure safety and security.
  • Handheld programmer allows for permission changes if the wireless network is unavailable, ensuring control of permissions in extreme circumstances.
  • Complies with BS EN 179 for emergency exit application and has fire-resistant casing to BS EN 1634-1.
  • Battery operated.
  • CE-marked to BS EN 12209.

General information






Electroplated satin stainless steel finish to external and internal turn-pull handles.


Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)



  • External turn-pull: Die-cast (Mazak 5) dish and handle with electroplated satin stainless steel finish. ABS disc.
  • Internal turn-pull: Die-cast (Mazak 5) dish and handle, with electroplated satin stainless steel finish. Steel disc.


  • Lockcase H x D.
  • Backset: 83 mm.


165 mm


103 mm


Pr_30_36_08_24 Door latches



P21/24 Door locks

P21/515 Door locks

Specification data - Door latches


To BS EN 12209, BS EN 179 and BS EN 1634-1.

Classification grades (minimum)


Suitability for use on fire resisting and/or smoke control doorset

Fire-resistant casing to BS EN 1634-1.


Latch or lock type

Electronic five-way Staff Override System (SOS) lockset.


83 mm.

Material and finish

Pattress: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), graphite finish, External and internal turn-pull: Die-cast (Mazak 5) dish and handle, electroplated satin stainless steel finish.

  • External turn-pull: ABS disc.
  • Internal turn-pull: Steel disc.

Handle type

Oryx handle.

  • Designed in response to the needs of the ageing population, the Oryx lever handle makes door opening easier for those with poor grip or hand co-ordination where there is a lower ligature risk.
  • Anti-ligature rating: TS001, B4.

Turn-pull handle.

  • Standard.
  • Robust, with no visible fixings.
  • Used to operate the lock on the inside of bedroom doors for privacy.
  • Anti-ligature rating: TS001, A4.



165 mm.



103 mm.


Pin-torx anti-tamper stainless steel security screws and pozi countersunk screws.

Third party certifications

  • Door and Hardware Federation: TS001

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