Electro - Hydraulic Operated Heavy Duty Barriers (B411, B412, B420)
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Electro - Hydraulic Operated Heavy Duty Barriers (B411, B412, B420)

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Electro-hydraulic operated, heavy-duty barrier.

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Industrial, commercial and military applications including high usage sites.


The electro-hydraulic B411/ B412/ B420 heavy duty barriers are suitable for vandal prone, unsupervised areas. These barriers have the performance required for high traffic sites.

Beam lengths are available up to 9 m as standard. Security options include: Lattice skirt, beam lights, warning xenon/ sounders, beam or raised 'apex' mounted traffic signs, pogo or fixed end supports.

A ‘Hi-Sec’ version (the B420 model), featuring full height anti-pedestrian skirts which are available in variable heights (1600, 1800 and 2000 mm), is also available. Multilayer protective coatings make these suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications in the most demanding external environments. Programmable solid-state control combines simplicity, reliability and straightforward maintenance.

Features and benefits:

  • Powerful, electro-hydraulic design provides years of reliable service with minimum maintenance.
  • Durable cabinet design for high levels of vandal resistance in unsupervised locations.
  • Continuously rated, no limitations of number of operations per hour - can handle the highest throughput sites.
  • Available with side mounted arm and other configurations including bottom lattice, raised heavy goods vehicle (HGV) stop sign, safety edge, sounders.
  • A programmable solid state control unit provides total reliability and a complete choice of control; all available access control systems, local or remote push buttons, vehicle ID systems, remote transmitter units.
  • Hydraulics: Heavy duty motor, separate pump with damping, continuously rated solenoid.

General information




Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_59_39 Horizontal swing vehicular barriersPrimary


null Proprietary protective barriers

Q41/190 Vehicle access point barriers

Specification data - Horizontal swing vehicular barriers Enhanced data



Auto close and free entry/ exit.

Beam lights.

Beam or raised 'apex' mounted traffic signs.

Fixed beam rest or beam mounted rest.

Hydraulic locking arm (all positions).

Induction loop or infra-red safety.

Lattice skirt.

Matching mounting posts for access card, token readers and intercoms.

Pogo or fixed end supports.

Radio transmitter/ receiver for remote operation (e.g. in-car).

Traffic lights.

Warning xenon/ sounders.

Product Reference


Beam length

4 m.

5 m.

6 m.

7 m.

Third-party certification

Low Voltage Directive: 2006/95/EC, Machinery Directive: 2006/42/EC, Electromagnetic Compatibility: 2014/30/EU, CE marking directive 93/68/EC, Pressure Equipment Directive: 97/23/EC, Standards: BS EN 12453, BS EN 12445, BS EN 13241, BS EN 6033-1, BS 7671, ISO 32.


-10°C to 45°C.

Power supply

230 V a.c., 50 Hz, 10 A.


400 V a.c., 50 Hz, 6 A.

Three-phase and neutral.


Adjusted to suit arm type and local conditions, rises full 90° in 6–20 seconds.

Operating speed.

Control unit

Modular, programmable, solid state, plug-in IP55 enclosure, cumulative counter.


Continuously welded casing of 10 mm and 3 mm or 5 mm mild steel.


Aluminum arm of 3 mm wall thickness, 50 mm x 100 mm section up to 7 m length, 100 mm diameter section up to 9 m length.


Heavy Duty Barrier

Heavy Duty Barrier