Electric Lock Standard (EL532)

  • Suitable for use in fire rated doors.
  • For use in high security sites including nuclear, power plants, public utilities, IT and telecommunications industries, museums and financial institutions.
  • Not suitable for exit doors or with door automatics.


High security electric motor lock for in high traffic doors used in small businesses, large-scale commercial properties and industrial complexes.

Features and benefits:

  • Burglary resistant with intelligent electronic security measures, including ACC indication, anti-tampering countermeasures, EMC and two-way ACC.
  • Durability tested at 500 000 cycles with a 5 kg sideload – more than twice the standard cycle requirement.
  • Consumes minimal power and offers good sustainability throughout the product lifecycle.

General information




235 x 20 mm

235 x 24 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_36_08_24 Door latchesPrimary


P21/515 Door locks

Specification data - Door latches Enhanced data


To BS EN 12209.

Classification grades (minimum)


Category of use

BS EN 1192, grade 3.


BS EN 12209, grade S.

Door mass and closing force

BS EN 12209, grade 8.

Suitability for use on fire resisting and/or smoke control doorset

BS EN 12209, grade 1.

Corrosion resistance and temperature

BS EN 12209, grade F.

Security and drill resistance

BS EN 12209, grade 6.

Key identification requirement

BS EN 12209, grade 0.

Latch or lock type

Cylinder mortice lock.

Material and finish

Stainless steel faceplate.

Latch spring strength

Select to prevent un-sprung lever handles drooping.


Fasteners for hardware.

Product Reference

Electric Lock Standard (EL532)

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