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Edge5 iB

High performance 50 W plaster-up-to loudspeaker designed to be installed into walls and ceilings and rendered invisible behind decorative coverings such as paint or wallpaper. Boasting exceptional sensitivity and low frequency impact with smooth high frequency extension well into the ultrasonic region, the Edge5i is suitable for medium-power residential / commercial distributed audio solutions and multichannel surround systems. A genuine departure from hundred-year-old paper cone based loudspeaker technology, Amina’s planar loudspeaker performance characteristics have more in common with an acoustic instrument, providing a non-directional blanket of high fidelity, room-filling audio even in the harshest of acoustic spaces. The Edge5i’s high quality fire resistant soundboard is ideally suited to dry line and retro-fit applications, and can also be used where surfaces are to receive a full wet plaster skim.

General information

lightweight & easy to install, frequency extension well into the ultrasonic region, 180° dispersion in all axis, audiophile grade performance


Phelonic resin soundboard, stainless steel backbox, powdercoated aluminium frame




452 x 348 x 77 mm


10 years residential, 5 years commercial

Uniclass 2015
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- 1 2.1
Revit 2017 1 2.1
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