Easytop Valves (Domestic Water Meter Unit)


Components can be used for residential buildings, but also for installations in industrial applications such as plant engineering and shipbuilding, as well as:

  • Drinking water installations.
  • Heating.
  • Compressed air or technical gases.

Components can be used as maintenance fittings, for shutting off individual devices, riser pipes, or entire story connection pipes. Consult manufacturer for further details.


Domestic water meter unit, suitable for various fields of application.

Features and benefits:

  • High performance in terms of safety and functionality due to SC-Contur and optimized sealing.
  • Designed to fulfil all requirements.
  • There is no need for sealed transitions.
  • Easy to install in confined installation situations.
  • Manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel or gunmetal.
  • Plastic T-shaped levers, metal T-shaped levers or metal L-shaped levers can be used dependent on application conditions.
  • Covers instant pressing and conventional screwed connections.
  • Economically efficient.
  • Easytop mounting units are available - consult manufacturer for details.
  • Comprises the concealed straight seat valve as well as an integrated holder for Koax measuring capsules.
  • A blind flange ensures full functionality of the piping system before completion of the final assembly.
  • Available as single unit with or without insulating box, or as double unit for hot and cold water, with a 22 mm Sanpress connection or an Rp ¾ internal thread.
  • Designed for a maximum temperature of 90°C and an operating pressure of 10 bar.
  • Innovative sealing concept of the system valves protects the valve plate seal from damage caused by excessive pressing forces, whilst the sealing of ball valves ensures smooth operation over the long service life.
  • Handwheels are easy to grip.
  • The signal colour of the position indication shows whether a valve is open or closed, even when seen from a distance.
  • Matches Viega's metal and plastic press connector systems, and can be combined with Sanpress, Sanpress Inox or Profipress.
  • Different parts of the system comply with standards such as DIN EN 1213:1999, DIN 50930-6, DIN EN 1982, DIN EN 13828 and DIN EN 1092-1.
  • DVGW CERT GmbH approved.

Central leakage test:

Equipped with the Viega SC-Contur, which is a safety technology approved by Kitemark, and ensures that the connection is guaranteed to be leaking in an unpressed state. In this way, inadvertently unpressed connections are noticed immediately during a leakage test.

Viega guarantees that unpressed connections are visible during a leakage test:

  • With the wet leakage test in the pressure range from 0.1–0.65 MPa (1.0–6.5 bar).
  • With dry leakage test in the pressure range from 22 hPa–0.3 MPa (22 mbar–3.0 bar).

General information


Stainless steel


Uniclass 2015

Pr_80_51_51_97 Water metersPrimary


S90/315 Water meters

Specification data - Water meters Enhanced data


Different parts of the system comply with standards such as DIN EN 1213:1999, DIN 50930-6, DIN EN 1982, DIN EN 13828 and DIN EN 1092-1.



(Direct press connection)


For metal press connector systems.


For plastic press connector systems.


A wide range of accessories is available, including insulating shells, drainage valves and extensions, and pressure loss optimisation. Consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements [part number(s)].


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Easytop Valves (Domestic Water Meter Unit)


Consult manufacturer's literature and insert requirements [part number(s)].