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Dulok Rebound™


  • Multi-use games areas.
  • School playgrounds.
  • Professional sports.


The heavy duty Dulok Rebound™ panel, complementing the existing Dulok™ system, is for use in multi-use games areas, where previously plywood boards, prison mesh, or even heavy duty grating have been used. The normal ‘Rebound’ panel is 2030 mm high with horizontal wires at 66.5 mm centre up to 1200 mm high and then 200 mm centres for the remaining 800 mm. Panels of 1230 mm, 2030 mm with all horizontals at 66.5 mm are available for goal areas and dividing fences.


  • Extra wires provide greater strength.
  • Heavy duty rebound.
  • RAL colours available.

General information





Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_15_85_55 Multi-use games fencing systemsPrimary


Q40/27 Open mesh steel panel general purpose fencing

Q40/30 Proprietary fencing

Q40/430 Proprietary fencing

Product range

Sports Fences

Specification data - Multi-use games fencing systems Enhanced data

System performance

Sports fencing performance.


In addition to the standard posts, many variations are available to accommodate site requirements:

  • Wall fixing plates, cranked posts or base plated.
  • Cranked panels.

Manufacturer's standard.


Insert requirements.

Product Reference

Dulok Rebound™ Double Wire Panel System for Sports


  • 1230 or 2030 mm, as full Rebound.
  • Panels are also available up to 6 m, combining 2030 mm Rebound panel with a standard Dulok™ panel. Fence heights above 2430 mm are made up of two or more panels.

1230 mm.

2030 mm.

Colour and finish

Hot dip galvanized only

Galvanized and polyester powder-coated, RAL

RAL 6005 as standard, full spectrum of colours available subject to quantity and price.


2506 mm.

Mesh size

50 x 66.5 mm.


Verticals: 6 mm.

Horizontals: 8 mm.

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