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Duct System: Granite ducting

Duct panelling system with timber framework.

General information


Framework is built on site, once complete templates are made for each piece of granite


Granite, bespoke manufactured to each duct system


1 year from practical completion

Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_25_45_25 Duct and wall panel lining systemsPrimary


K32/140 Duct/ wall linings – panels only

Specification data - Duct and wall panel lining systems

Product Reference

Cencerto Duct Panelling System



Glass duct panelling.

HPL3, laminate colour ___

Laminated duct panelling.

MFC3, laminate colour ___

MFC duct panelling.

V3, wood species ___

Real wood duct panelling.

SGL3, laminate colour ___

Solid grade laminate duct panelling.

Edge treatment

Lipped with corresponding PVC

HPL3 and MFC3.

Lipped with matching laminate

HPL3 and MFC3.

Manufacturer's standard

Standard product features


Assembled frame constructed from 60 x 40 mm treated softwood complete with plywood skirting and header.


Supplied complete with corresponding flashgap laminate and Hafele push on/ lift off brackets.

Product Options


- MFC (MFC3):

  • Board/ Panels: 19 mm moisture resistance (MR) melamine faced chipboard (MFC).
  • Edge treatment: Edges lipped with matching laminate or corresponding PVC.

- Laminate (HPL3):

  • Board/ Panels: 18 mm MR MDF faced on both sides with high pressure laminate (HPL).
  • Edge treatment: Edges lipped with matching laminate or corresponding PVC.

- Solid grade laminate (SGL3):

  • Board/ Panels: 12/ 13mm solid grade laminate (SGL).
  • Edge treatment: Exposed edges machined to a smooth finish.

- Real wood veneer (V3):

  • Board/ Panels: 18 mm MR MDF faced on one side with real wood veneer, balanced on reverse.
  • Edge treatment: All edges lipped in corresponding hardwood, vertical edges to run through

- Glass (G3):

  • Board/ Panels: 6 mm back-painted safety glass bonded to 12 mm MR MDF substrate.
  • Edge treatment: Panel edges lipped with anodized aluminium feature trim, mitred on corners.

- Colour:

To be confirmed from WW standard range.

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IFC2X3 2 1.3
Revit 2016 3 2.0
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