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A breathable plaster blend containing natural hydraulic lime and calcite. The product is used for replastering after rising damp treatment using Dryzone Damp-Proofing Cream or Dryrod Damp-Proofing Rods, in traditional and heritage buildings. An environmentally friendly alternative to hard cement renders. The highly effective and breathable renovation plaster has a porous structure which allows walls to dry out by evaporation, achieving a dry decorative surface. Suitable for use on salt and damp contaminated walls, both internal and external.

To be applied by a suitably qualified contractor.


  • Suitable for use with traditional plasters and older substrates.
  • Controls dampness and salt migration.
  • Insulating properties – warm to the touch.
  • Can be used as a decorative finish.
  • Breathable – allows wall to dry naturally.

General information
Specification data
Product Reference

Dryzone Renovation Plaster (Hi Lime)

Standard product features


Off-white powder.

Thermal conductivity:

0.4 W/mK.

Reaction to fire:

Class A1.


μ ≤ 15.

Bond strength:

≥ 0.1 N/mm².

Compressive strength:


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