Drytex Mineral Plaster Finish


Drytex finishes are white and are offered in three base textures. The final façade colour is achievedusing facade paints.

Drytex finishes can be used as a finish for the Dryvit Drysulation external building insulation system as well as thin-layer external and internal decorative finish.

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Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_64_86 Synthetic plastersPrimary


M20/10 Cement:lime:sand

M20/110 Cement:lime:sand

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Specification data - Synthetic plasters

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Drytex Mineral Plaster Finish


Quarzputz 2 mm aggregate

Produces the most coarse textured finish of the range, which is ideal for masking surface imperfections.

Sandblast 1 mm aggregate

Produces a sand-like texture.


All available Dryvit colours, consult literature for details.

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