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Dry Hip System

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Marley Ltd

A mechanically fixed finish to the hip line of roof slopes of equal pitch.

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  • Designed for use on roof slopes of equal pitch either side of hip.
  • Suitable for use on roofs up to a maximum pitch of 55° (45° with dry ridges) and where the roof slopes intersect at 90° on plan.


A mechanically fixed finish to the hip line that will accommodate roof slopes of varying pitch either side of the hip, up to a 5° difference. The hip tiles are secured to a PVC-U Hip Batten Section and utilises PVC-U Hip Unions to maintain compatibility with the Marley Dry Ridge System.

Product properties:

  • 2 No. 3 m length of closed-cell rubber foam strips.
  • 5 No. PVCu fixing/ expansion blocks.
  • 12 No. head clips.
  • 2 No. PVCu 'H' section clips.
  • 18 No. tail clips.
  • 7 No. 75 mm x 10 g s/s drive screws.
  • 1 No. block end hip bracket and set screw with sealing washed.

Features and benefits:

  • Weathertight and maintenance free.
  • Fully compatible with ventilated dry ridge system.
  • Available in a range of colours.

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H65/505 Dry hips

H65/55 Dry hips

Specification data - Dry fixing hips


Hip slate dry fixing kits.

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