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DPR Primer 310

DPR Primer 310

Parex Ltd Third party certifications:
  • BBA Agrément Certificate

    BBA Agrément Certificate

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  • QA Certificate

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310 Primer is an acrylic substrate preparation for the DPR finishes used in the Parextherm, Parexdirect and Advanced Masonry Simulation render systems.

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A 100% acrylic based, ready to use coloured primer designed to adjust the base absorption to substrates prior to the application of the DPR finishes, with excellent hiding power. The finishes are water-vapour permeable and do not create a vapour retarder.

Suitable for:

  • In-situ and pre-formed concrete. If required level the surface first with Parex base coat Maite Monocomposant.
  • Base coats in accordance with BS 13914-1.
  • Parex Maite Monocomposant base coat.
  • Parex coloured one-coat renders e.g. Monorex GF.
  • ParexDirect or ParexTherm range of Thermal Insulation Systems.
  • Parex grey one-coat renders, e.g. Parmurex/ Parex waterproofing undercoat systems.
  • Existing flat substrates.
  • Internal walls, drylining, plaster (gypsum) substrates.
  • Painted substrates: the existing paint must demonstrate adequate adhesion or be removed.
  • Parex profiles.

Unsuitable for:

Lime based substrates.


  • BS EN 13914-1 Code of practice for external rendering.
  • BS 8000 Workmanship on building sites.
  • BS EN ISO 14001:2004.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_66_09 Bonding coatsPrimary


M20/130 Cement:sand (air entrained)

M20/160 Proprietary cement gauged render

M20/5 Cement:sand (air entrained)

M21/20 External wall insulation system . . . . . .

M21/210 External wall insulation system

M22/120 Sprayed

Specification data - Bonding coats

Product Reference

DPR Primer 310


A wide range of colours is available. Contact manufacturer for colour samples.

Standard product features

Pack size:

29.5 kg bucket.


Ready-to-use white or creamy liquid containing:

  • Synthetic resins.
  • Pigments.
  • Specific admixtures.

Third party certifications

  • British Board of Agrément (BBA) - certficate : Certificate: 10/4275
  • European Technical Approval : Certificate: 04/0114 (New 2010 approvals pending)
  • Technical Application Document : Certificate: DAT 7/04-1376
  • Irish Agrement Board (IAB) : Certificate: 09/0332 and 09/0342

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