Door Laminate


Interior doors are functional elements that significantly contribute to a room's atmosphere. Thanks to its robust quality, the laminate is highly suitable for the decorative design of doors. There is a choice between 90 laminate decors in two door formats:


  • Door elements
  • Alternative application areas such as furniture fronts or work surface


  • Door formats suitable for cutting to size available from stock from a quantity of one
  • Versatile in application
  • Easy to process
  • High strength

General information


Cream White (W911 ST15), Platinum White (W980 ST15), Premium White (W1000 ST9), Premium White (W1000 ST22), Premium White (W1000 ST86), Apline White (W1100 ST9), Alabaster White (U104 ST9), Cotton Beige (U113 ST9), Brilliant Yellow (U114 ST9), Citrus Yellow (U131 ST9), Sand Beige (U156 ST9), Beige (U200 ST9), Pebble Grey (U201 ST9), Came Beige (U216 ST9), Crema Beige (U222 ST9), Burgundy Red (U311 ST9), China Red (U321 ST9), Chilli Red (U323 ST9), Lipstick Red (U328 ST9), Orange (U332 ST9), Sorbet Orange (U340 ST9), Flamingo Pink (U363 ST9), Tyrolean Blue (U504 ST9), Horizon Blue (U522 ST9), Delft Blue (U525 ST9), Deep Sea Blue (U560 ST9), Forest Green (U606 ST9), Kiwi Green (U626 ST9), Lime Green (U630 ST9), Emerald Green (U655 ST9), Cashmere Grey (U702 ST9), Silk Grey (U707 ST9), Light Grey (U708 ST9), Stone Grey (U727 ST9), Dust Grey (U732 ST9), Lava Grey (U741 ST9), Truffle Brown (U748 ST9), Taupe Grey (U750 ST9), Pearl Grey (U763 ST9), Cubanit Grey (U767 ST9), White Grey (U775 ST9) Arctic Grey (U788 ST9), Dark Brown (U818 ST9), Cosmos Grey (U899 ST9), Onyx Grey (U960 ST9), Graphite Grey (U961 ST2), Diamond Grey (U963 ST9), Black (U999 ST2), White Aland Pine Horizontal (H430 ST86), Polar Aland Pine Horizontal (H433 ST86), Verona Cherry Horizontal (H815 ST9), Light Natural Sorano Oak Horizontal (H834 ST9), Lava Grey Fleetwood Horizontal (H853 ST86), Light Lakeland Acacia Horizontal (H877 ST86), Anthracite Metallic Wood (H1107 ST9), Natural Hamilton Oak Horizontal (H1133 ST9), Natural Bardolino Oak (H1145 ST10), Natural Bardolino Oak Horizontal (H1163 ST86), Black-Brown Thermo Oak (H1199 ST12), Light Lakeland Acacia (H1277 ST9), Light Sorano Oak (H1334 ST9), Graphite Denver Oak (H1387 ST10), Cascina Pine (H1401 ST22), Bramberg Pine (H1487 ST22), Ellmau Beech (HT1582 ST15), Verona Cherry (H1615 ST9), Intarsie Walnut Horizontal (H1734 ST9), Natural Sarnberg Maple (H1887 ST9), Coco Bolo (H3012 ST22), Mali Wenge (H3058 ST22), Shorewood (H3090 ST22), Lindau Pearwood (H3113 ST15), Tirano Pearwood (H3114 ST9), Natural Hamilton Oak (H3303 ST10), Natural Corbridge Oak (H3395 ST12), White Aland Pine (H3430 ST22), Polar Aland Pine (H3433 ST22), White Fleetwood (H3450 ST22), Champagne Fleetwood (H3451 ST22), Lava Grey Fleetwood (H3453 ST22), Natural Pacific Walnut (H3700 ST10), Natural Dijon Walnut (H3734 ST9), Bleached Carini Walnut (H3773 ST9), Natural Mandal Maple (H3840 ST9), Natural Country Beech (H3991 ST10), Light Grey Chicago Concrete (F186 ST9), Dark Grey Chicago Concrete (F187 ST9), Ferro Bronze (F302 ST87), Brushed Aluminium (F501 ST2), Aluminium (F509 ST2)


Door formats suitable for cutting to size available from stock from a quanitity of one, versatile in application, easy to process, high strength


Wood based


3050 x 1310 x 0.8 mm

2150 x 950 x 0.8 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_71_97_93 Wood laminate strips and boardsPrimary

Digital objects

Platform Compatible Version Certified to



Revit 2017


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