Direct Flush Accessible


The Direct Flush automatically flushes the individual urinal after use, ensuring the highest level of hygiene from the minimum volume of water. It removes the need for the auto-flush cistern and associated plumbing used in traditional urinal installations, which flush all urinals intermittently even if they have not all been used. It can be powered by either mains electricity via the DC transformer or batteries. A mains power supply unit which powers up to 20 Direct Flush urinal valves is also available. Only one fused spur is required when using the product. Additional customized washroom settings are obtainable via a hand held remote control Infrared Configuration Unit which is available as an optional extra.


  • Designed for urinals flushing directly from the mains cold water supply.
  • No cistern required.
  • Only flushes urinal bowl after use.
  • Vandal-resistant – valve totally concealed.
  • Hygiene flush for periods of non-use.
  • Adjustable flush duration and range.
  • Discreet and accessible fitting options.
  • Mains and battery powered options included.
  • Ensures compliance with Water Regulations.
  • BREEAM Wat 01 compatible product.
  • On DEFRA’s ECA Water Technology List.

General information


Stainless steel, Brushed finished


Water savings, No cistern required, only flushes after use, hygeine flush, adjustable range and flush duration, Mains and battery, no additional control unit required, BREEAM compliance, WRAS approved


Stainless steel, plastic


15mm Compression fittings


1 year + 2 Years extendable warranty (parts only)

Uniclass 2015

Pr_75_50_46_31 Flush control devicesPrimary


N13/15 Urinals and cisterns

N13/315 Urinals and auto-flushing cisterns

N13/316 Urinals and flushing valves

Specification data - Flush control devices

Product Reference

Direct Flush Accessible

Direct Flush Discreet



Mains supply

Infrared configuration unit

Not required


Product Options

Product reference:

- Direct Flush Accessible:

Incorporates the valve and the power options as well as the sensor in a single compact box housing. It can be installed on to either a concealed structural wall/ frame or on to the exposed wall panel. It is ideal where access cannot be gained to the wall cavity. The sensor plate can be removed to enable servicing of the valve or battery replacement (if battery powered) in the installed position without the need to remove the panel.

- Direct Flush Discreet:

An alternative installation option where rear access can be gained to the wall cavity for servicing and inspection. The valve is mounted on to the pipework behind the panel or wall together with either the mains supply unit or batteries, while the unobtrusive infrared sensor is installed directly above the urinal bowl.

Digital objects

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Revit 2016


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Cistermiser Specification Catalogue

Cistermiser Specification Catalogue

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