DELTA® FLORAXX Top - Drainage sheet

DELTA® FLORAXX Top - Drainage sheet

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Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Water-retaining drainage sheet with an integrated geotextile for perfect green roofs.

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An innovative dimpled sheet which has been developed specifically for green roofs. Due to its unique dimple structure and its innovative material, its functions include; drainage, water storage and an integrated filtration layer on top.

Can be easily laid straight from the roll. An optimum solution for flat roofs which are to be extensively planted which requires minimal maintenance. The octagonal dimples additionally reinforced by ribs make the sheet highly compression resistant.


  • Ideally combines a perforated, dimpled HDPE sheet and a fused-on PP geotextile.
  • Features the outstanding compressive strength of 200 kN/m² and an enlarged water retention capacity thanks to its innovative 20 mm high octagonal dimples.
  • Eliminates an entire laying operation because of its integrated geotextile, on which substrate can be spread immediately after the sheet has been rolled out.
  • Forms a consistent homogenous surface without the problems caused by loose cloth layers slipping, shifting, or being blown about by the wind.
  • Capable of retaining 7 L/m² of water as a reserve for periods of drought.
  • May also be used on green inverted roofs because it is breathable.
  • CE-conformable as per DIN EN 13252 and meets the requirements of the FLL guideline for green roofs.
  • 2 m wide and features an extra 100 mm cloth overlap.
  • Can be easily and safely joined with DELTA®-FLORAXX connecting elements.

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Dimpled HDPE sheet, perforated, with fused-on PP geotextile

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Pr_25_57_51_74 Rubber studded sheetsPrimary


Q37/355 Combined layers

Specification data - Rubber studded sheets

Product Reference

Delta Floraxx Top

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Dimpled HDPE sheet, perforated, with fused-on PP geotextile (DELTA®-FLORAXX TOP) dimpledHDPE sheet, perforated (DELTA®-FLORAXX).

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Third party certifications
  • BS EN 13252 - Certificate No. 0799-CPD-13
  • CE mark
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