DeltaBox/SS Stainless Steel Louvre


A prestige stainless steel louvre, which is notable for its durability and the perfectly formed intersections of the grating which form a crisp geometric aesthetic. The robust panels are suitable for ground and street-front locations as well as balconies and balustrades.

Panels are made to custom-sizes from inclined flat bars, which are pressure locked to recessed vertical flat bars. DeltaBox/SS is made in a range of specifications with the louvres spaced at any increment of 11 mm to provide the required level of visual screening.

Panels and ancillary steelwork are finished with a series of surface treatments: degreasing, pickling and electropolishing.

General information


Pickled and electropolished

Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_50_45_30 Facade-aligned brise soleil systemsPrimary


H31/10 Metal

H31/120 Metal

L10/60 Security

L10/650 Metal louvres

L10/670 Brises soleil

L10/690 Security

L30/55 Proprietary balustrades

L30/560 Proprietary balustrades

Specification data - Facade-aligned brise soleil systems

Product Reference

DeltaBox/SS Stainless Steel Louvre


Insert requirement, or type 'As drawing'.



Panel Type


34% visual screening, 67% free area.


45% visual screening, 66% free area, 66 mm louvre spacing.


70% visual screening, 65% free area, 44 mm louvre spacing.


90% visual screening, 63% free area, 33 mm louvre spacing.


100% visual screening, 60% free area, 22 mm louvre spacing.


Stainless steel, grade AISI 316L

For general purpose use.

Stainless steel, grade AISI 304L

For external use, exposure to harsh substances or marine conditions.

Panel size

Insert requirement, available 1600 x 1850 mm (h x w, maximum).


50 x 4 mm flat bar

60 x 30 mm angled bar

Standard product features


Pickled and electropolished.

Panel size:

Large structural openings are covered by an arrangement of panels. The top and bottom edges of adjoining panels are unframed for continuity of appearance.

Louvre bar size:

  • Louvre flat bars: 40 x 2 mm set at 45°.
  • Vertical flat bars: 30 x 4 mm; centred at 132 mm.


Panels are designed with the louvre flat bars inclined downwards to the outside of the enclosed area.

Product Options


Panels bolted to structure on both sides in line through 50 x 4 mm flat framing bar or behind louvre at 90º through 60 x 30 mm angled framing bar.

Secondary steelwork:

Secondary support steelwork is designed and supplied as required.


Panels are fastened with M10 stainless steel bolts grade A2.


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