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Delta® High Performance DPC


Delta® High Performance DPC is a high performance polymeric material designed to suit all applications.

Designed to withstand the heaviest of loadings and to be fully compatible with all materials it is likely to come into contact with during the normal course of construction, and satisfies all the requirements as laid down by current British Standards.

A range of standard preformed units is available for use when Delta High Performance DPC is to be used as a cavity tray system. Preformed units are also available to include detailing at intersections between below ground tanking systems and pipe penetration details.

General information


Pr_25_57_21_08 Bitumen polymer damp-proof courses and cavity traysPrimary


F30/330 Damp proof courses

F30/345 Site formed flexible sheet cavity trays – plastics

F30/48 Damp-proof course

F30/52 Site formed flexible sheet cavity trays

Specification data - Bitumen polymer damp-proof courses and cavity trays

Product Reference

Delta® High Performance DPC


0.9 mm

Use in buildings up to four storeys.

1.25 mm

Use in buildings in excess of four storeys.

Roll width

100 mm

112.5 mm

150 mm

225 mm

300 mm

337.5 mm

450 mm

600 mm

900 mm

1000 mm




Delta High Performance DPC

Delta High Performance DPC

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