Dee Cathedral Clip GRP Rainwater Pipes

Yeoman Rainwater GRP Pipes, fittings and clips are manufactured from glass fibre laminations fully impregnated with Lloyds approved resins. Special formulations of laminate provide the desired strength and rigidity. Non standard sizes and sections are available to order.

General information


R10/410 GRP pipework

Specification data

Product Reference

Dee Cathedral Clip GRP Rainwater Pipes

System colour

Through coloured in black

Manufacturer's standard.

BS 5252 colour

Insert colour.

RAL colour

Insert colour.


900 mm

1800 mm

As drawing

Contractor's choice




Not required

Plinth offset; projection

Insert detail.

Side offset; projection

Insert detail.

Top offset; projection

Insert detail.

As drawing


Not required

Back bend

Front bend

Side bend, left hand

Side bend, right hand

As drawing


Not required

Back branch

Front branch

Side branch, left hand

Side branch, right hand

As drawing


Not required


As drawing

Clips, connectors and sockets

Loose clip

Loose socket

As drawing


Not required

Moulded from existing sample

As drawing

Give details of coats of arms, dates or embellishments as required.

Standard product features


125 mm.

Product Options


There are 38 standard designs available and these can be further enhanced by adding coats of arms, dates or embellishments. The hoppers are through coloured in black as standard or can be ordered in any colour required. Should none of the standard designs meet the desired criteria then Yeoman can manufacture to individual requirements, or match an existing hopper by moulding from an existing sample. Consult manufacturer for details.

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