Forms an effective barrier to water penetration and the ingress of atmospheric chemicals. It’s transparent finish renders it suitable for applications where it is desirable to retain the appearance of the underlying substrate. It is particularly suitable for protecting porous stone, decorative aggregate panels and brickwork against water penetration and subsequent frost damage. In addition, it provides an effective barrier to carbon dioxide diffusion, making it ideal for protecting reinforced concrete against carbonation.


Ensure that surfaces are free from visible dampness and that surface lying dust, dirt and other forms of contamination are removed immediately prior to application. Joints, edges and other details may be reinforced with Reemat Premium glass fibre matting. Fixings and bolt heads, etc. may be treated in a similar way. Allow to cure before overcoating. Note: Reinfocements will be visible.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_68_64 Polyurethane (PUR) waterproof coatingsPrimary


M60/175 Protective coating

M60/18 Special coating

Specification data - Polyurethane (PUR) waterproof coatings

Product Reference

Decothane Clearglaze

Coating application

Two coats Decothane Clearglaze at 0.5 litre/m, brush or roller applied

For waterproofing and Anti-shatter requirements.

Two coats Decothane Clearglaze at 0.25 litre/m², brush or roller applied

Other general use.


Not required

For general requirements.

Glass fibre mesh

Where required only.

Minimum dry film thickness

300 micrometres

For general use.

600 micrometres

For waterproofing & anti-shatter requirements.

Standard product features


Primers are not normally required.


Clear glaze.

Drying time:

8 hours (20°C), 24 hours (2°C).

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