DC Damping Compound


Damping compound for reducing resonant vibrations on metal or plastic panels to control levels of radiated noise.

General information


U90/490 Site-applied insulation to ductwork

U90/58 Site-applied insulation to ductwork

Specification data

Product Reference

DC Damping Compound


DC 1010

DC 1020

Product Options


– DC 1010:

  • Water-based, quick drying compound for spray application.
  • Colour: Buff.
  • Cure: Air drying.
  • Dry thickness: 75–90% wet thickness, subject to application.
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.3 W/mK.

– DC 1020:

  • Non toxic, synthetic visco-elastic paste for trowel application to irregular structures.
  • Colour: Buff.
  • Density: 1,850 kg/m³.

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