Danskin Saddles and Battens


Designed to be used where the concrete subfloor requires to be levelled and used in conjunction with Danskin Acoustic Flanking Strip an on occasion Park Quilt 25 or 13 to complete the acoustic specification.

General information

Specification data - Acoustic batten cradles

Product Reference

Danskin Saddles and Battens



Perimeter flanking strip

Standard product features

The system is designed to resist the passage of impact sound transmission by the use of 9 mm resilient pads fixed to the underside of the saddles and by isolating the floor deck from the surrounding construction.

The saddles are supplied with interlocking packing pieces, colour coded to indicate sizes, the packers locate into the base of the saddles to achieve the required heights and to assist in levelling uneven substrates.

Manufactured from tough, injection moulded plastic with three different shoulder heights to accommodate the three standard support bearers, the design can accommodate cross noggins at access panel locations and perimeter bearers.

Product Options

Danskin Acoustic Flanking Strip:

5 mm thick acoustic foam supplied in rolls 75 m long, designed for placing around the floor perimeter to prevent airborne sound leakage, The standard height is 100 mm but increases for high floor elevations.

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