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D230W Double Non-Return Valve
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Suitable for pipelines generally.


A cast iron, double non-return valve.

Features and benefits:

  • Spring loaded axially guided disc.
  • Positive non-slam shut-off.
  • Two WRAS approved single non-return valves (to 85°C) bolted together.
  • Resilient seat.
  • WRAS Approved fusion bonded epoxy internal and external coating.

General information





Stainless steel

Uniclass 2015

Pr_65_54_30_12 Gas fire-suppression check valvesPrimary

Specification data - Gas fire-suppression check valves Enhanced data


To BS EN 1092-2 and BS EN 3692.

Third party certification

The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).

  • These valves are not intended to be used as backflow prevention devices conforming to Schedule 2 Section 6 of the WRAS Water Regulations Guide.
  • Two suitably approved single check valves (Type EA device) installed in series are accepted as offering the equivalent level of protection as that afforded by a double check valve (Type EC device) providing the maximum distance between the adjacent flanges of the valves did not exceed twice their nominal bore and the operation of one component does not interfere with the operation of the other.

Valve type

Non-return valve.


Cast iron 1 EN-GJL-250, Steel (zinc plated) Grade 8.8 / 8, Stainless steel 316/304, Fusion bonded epoxy cast iron 1561 EN-GJL-250, EPDM, Stainless steel 304 (1.4301) and Brass 12164 CW611N.

Body, Guide: Cast iron; Disc: Fusion bonded epoxy cast iron; Seat, Gasket: EPDM; Spring, Stem, Plug 1/4": Stainless steel; Bushing: Brass; Stud, Nut: Steel.

Working pressure

16 BAR.

Cross-sectional area

Manufacturer's standard.

Inlets/outlets diameter

50 mm.


203 x 165 mm.


17 kg.

Operating temperature range

WRAS approved to 85°C.

-10 to 120°C.



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