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Crawford OH1042FG Fully Glazed Overhead Sectional Door

The Crawford OH1042FG overhead sectional door is highly stable. It is an overhead sectional door suitable for all types of building with regard to both function and appearance. High flexibility makes it possible to install this door in almost every type of building. The door slides up under the roof when opened, allowing free space around the door opening and leaving the door opening completely free. The door is made of aluminium tubular profiles, filled with windows. The high light admission makes this door the ideal choice for working environments that require maximum lighting. The Crawford OH1042FG overhead sectional door has been designed to meet all operational and safety requirements in the European Directives and the standards issued by the European Standardization Committee, CEN.

Specification data
Product Reference

Crawford OH1042FG Fully Glazed Overhead Sectional Door

Size -

2050–5500 mm. Insert requirements.


1979–4250 mm. Insert requirements.

Top panel

540–689 mm. Insert requirements.


Single hardened pane

Double hardened pane


Factory painting, all RAL colours available. Insert requirements.

Track types

High lift

Low lift

Standard lift

Vertical lift


Pull down rope and step/ lifting handle

As standard.

D hoist

T hoist

U hoist

CDM5 HD operator

CDM9 operator

CDM9 2H operator

CDM9 HD operator


Cable Break Device (CBD)

Spring Break Device (SBD)

Standard product features

Door leaf:

  • Aluminium frames with windows.


  • Lock bolt with lock hole protection.


Pull down rope and step/ lifting handle.

Fixed sections:

Top and side.

Section thickness:

44 mm.

Product Options

Opening/ closing speed:

  • CDM9: 0.25 m/s.
  • CDM9 HD: 0.18 m/s.
  • CDM9 2H: opening 0.5 m/s, closing 0.25 m/s.
  • CDM5 HD: 0.19 m/s.

Wind load (to EN 12424):

Class 3 (≤ 3300 mm DLW).

Thermal transmittance (to EN 12428):

6 W/m².k SH6, double glass on request (4000 x 4000 mm).

Water penetration (to EN 12425):

Class 3 (4000 x 4000 mm).

Air permeability (to EN 12426):

Class 2 (4000 x 4000 mm).