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Crawford  DL6021T Heavy Duty Teledock

The Crawford DL6021T teledock 100 kN is the optimal efficiency solution in general industry and logistics applications. The telescopic lip precisely bridges the gap between the ramp and the lorry bed. The Crawford DL6021T teledock 100 kN system meets the standard demands of most loading operations and fully complies with rules and regulations of the European Standard EN 1398.

Operation is based on an electro-hydraulic telescopic lip, controlled by a semi-automatic control unit. When the dock leveller is raised, the lip extends and the leveller lowers gently onto the lorry bed. After loading or unloading, the leveller is raised again, the lip retracts and the platform returns to its parking position, i.e. to ramp level.

General information
Uniclass 2015
Pr_65_80_23_39 Hydraulic telescopic-lip dock levellersPrimary

L20/617 Loading bay door and docking system

Specification data - Hydraulic telescopic-lip dock levellers
Product Reference

Crawford DL6021T Heavy Duty Teledock



Pit frame.


Frame for welding.

Size -

2000 mm

2500 mm

3000 mm

3500 mm

4000 mm


2000 mm

2200 mm

Surface treatment

Hot dip galvanized

Painted, RAL 3002

Painted, RAL 5010

As standard.

Painted, RAL 6005

Painted, RAL 9005

Lip type

Standard, 500 mm


Slip protection/ noise reduction coating

Not required


EPDM seal

Not required


Oil requirements

Bio hydraulic oil

-20°C to + 60°C.

Low temperature hydraulic oil

-30°C to +60°C

Standard oil

-20°C to +60°C.


Not required



RB with steel front and top plate

RB with steel front plate


Steel spring buffer 600

Steel spring buffer 800



Crawford Eye

Dock light

Dock light heavy duty LED

Dock-IN Red

Dock-IN White

Dock-IN White and Red

Parking guides

Traffic light

Wheel chock

Standard product features

Platform tear plate thickness:

10 mm.

Vertical working range:

  • Above dock: 0–500 mm.
  • Below dock: 0–400 mm.

Hydraulic equipment:

  • Low noise hydraulic unit.
  • Two hydraulic lift cylinders.
  • One hydraulic lip cylinder.

Control unit:

  • Leveller control.
  • Door control.
  • Shelter control.
  • Fault and service indicator.

Product Options


  • Load capacity: 10 tonnes (100 kN).
  • Maximum point load: 6.5 N/mm².
  • Motor hydraulic unit: 1.5 kW.
  • Mains supply: 400 V 3-phase, 230 V 3-phase.
  • Control unit protection class: IP 54.
  • Magnetic valves: 24V/DC 18 W S1.

Paint classes:

If the dock leveller is to be used in a rural area, the standard finish is:

  • Paint class 1; 80 µm factory painted for corrosive category C2 M.

If the dock leveller is to be used in an urban or industrial atmosphere, or in a coastal area, it may be appropriate to select an alternative paint class with increased resistance to corrosion C3 M.

  • Paint class 3; 160 µm factory painted for corrosive category C3 M.

To increase corrosion protection to C4 for saline coastal areas or C5-I for aggressive or humid atmospheres, the dock leveller can be delivered with hot dip galvanized (80 µm) steel parts.


Consult manufacturer's literature for further information.