Covermatt Drywall Primer

Crown Trade Covermatt Drywall Primer has been developed to even out surface porosity on dry lined walls and ceilings. It can also be used as a mist coat for new plaster where access to water is difficult. Crown Trade Covermatt Drywall Primer provides the perfect base for first decoration products.

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Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_66_62 Plaster primersPrimary


K10/115 Metal stud partition system

K10/125 Metal stud partition system

K10/145 Wall lining system (metal studs)

K10/15 Lining on timber

K10/155 Wall lining system (metal studs)

K10/165 Wall lining system (metal framing)

K10/175 Wall lining system (metal furrings)

K10/185 Wall lining system (adhesive)

K10/205 Lining on timber

K10/245 Ceiling lining on timber

K10/25 Lining on timber framed ceilings

K10/255 Encasement system (metal framing)

K10/265 Encasement system (frameless)

K10/275 Encasement on timber framing

K10/35 Wall lining on metal framing

K10/41 Wall lining on metal furrings

K10/45 Wall lining on adhesive

K10/50 Suspended ceiling on metal framing

M60/10 Emulsion paint

M60/110 Emulsion paint

Specification data - Plaster primers

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Covermatt Drywall Primer

Standard product features






Pigment: Titanium dioxide and extenders.

Binder: Acrylic polymers.

Solvent: Water.

Drying time:

Recoatable after four hours under normal drying conditions.

Spreading rate:

Up to 15 m²/ litre on smooth surfaces.

Wet film thickness:

67 micrometres at 15 m²/ litre.

Dry film thickness:

10 micrometres at 15 m²/ litre.

VOC Content:

EU limit value for this product (cat A/a): 30 g/L (2010). This product contains maximum 1 g/L VOC.

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