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Corridor 400

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Knauf UK

Demountable self supporting gypsum acoustic ceiling plank system.

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Corridor 400 is suitable for any sector project from high rise residential to offices. Ceiling system for use in corridors. Primarily used in corridors and is self-supporting for up to 2.4 m span between walls for corridors and narrow rooms for quick installation so shortening the build programme.


A unique ceiling system for use in corridors and narrow rooms. The acoustic ceiling planks are free spanning between the walls, up to 2.4 m.

Features and benefits:

  • Ceiling system for use primarily in corridors. Often used in small utility and ancillary rooms for reasons of design and/ or economy.
  • Demountable self-supporting acoustic ceiling system for up to 2.4 m span between walls for corridors and narrow rooms.
  • No cross runners or suspension hangers needed so quick install vs traditional T-grid ceiling or MF ceiling in a corridor.
  • Gives the appearance of fine line markings in a rectangular plank pattern.
  • Demounting reveals a completely free area without transverse suspension sections.
  • Each plank is moveable by itself for easy access to services post installation for maintenance
  • Available in a range of perforations: Globe (G1), Quadril (Q1), Micro (M1), Plain (P1) and Tangent (T1).
  • Class C sound absorption achieved which is the normal requirement in communal areas (Class B with Tangent perforation design)
  • Cleaneo technology for removal of some VOC's.

General information







Glass fibre reinforced.


1200 mm

1800 mm

2400 mm


400 mm


9.5 mm


Ss_30_25_22_51 Modular suspended ceiling systemsPrimary


K40/10 Unit/ modular suspended ceilings

K40/115 Unit/ modular suspended ceiling system

K40/135 Board-suspended ceiling system

K40/265 Infill units

Product range


Specification data - Modular suspended ceiling systems

System performance

Acoustic performance.

Ceiling support

Demountable suspended ceiling grids.

Support fasteners

As schedule.

As drawing.

Insert drawing reference number.

  • Units of up to 3 k.g. can be installed directly into the panel without reinforcement.
  • Where loads are greater than 3 k.g./m², additional hangers must be used.
  • Units over 3 k.g., should be installed independently, so that they do not place any load on the ceiling.
  • Maximum cut out for any fixture should be 265 X 265 mm or less.

Insert additional requirements; contact manufacturer for more information.

Ceiling units

Glass fibre reinforced gypsum planks.

Samples required

Not required.


Insert requirements; contact manufacturer for more information.


Flex runner.


Pre painted white.

  • Water-based acrylic paint, RAL 9003, gloss 5.
  • Recommended to use white gloves while installing.

Fire safety

A2-s1, d0.

Light reflectance

(in accordance with DIN 5036):


(depending on perforation design.)


11.66-12.69 k.g./m².

Surface pattern

Plain (P).

Micro (M1) - (square 3 x 3 mm).

Globe (G1) - (circles Ø 6 mm).

Quadril (Q1) - (square 12 x 12 mm).

Tangent (T1) - (obround 4 x 14 mm).

Edge profile


Grid system

44 mm metal flex runner.

Shadow Gap Trim/ Perimeter Channel.


As schedule.

As drawing.

Insert drawing reference number.

  • Perimeter channel: Use Knauf MI4020 wall angle 20 X 40 mm or Knauf MS14 shadow line trim (creating 20 mm shadow gap) fixed at 300 mm centres.
  • When using wall angles a minimum void of 300 mm will be required, When using shadow line trim the void can be reduced to a minimum of 80 mm depth.
  • Corners and borders: Where turning corners or creating borders Knauf T35 main runner from the Knauf suspended ceiling grid systems can be used. First, fix hangers with eye screws or similar securely fastened to the primary construction. Install the first hanger at maximum 300 mm from the wall. The other hangers should be installed at maximum 750 mm c/c. If loads are applied from light fittings etc. install additional hangers.

Insert additional requirements; contact manufacturer for more information.

Perimeter trims

Wall angle.

Shadow line.

Delivery condition

Adjusted in situ.

Fixed dimensions.


Plank size.

400 x 1200 x 9.5 mm.

400 x 1800 x 9.5 mm.

400 x 2400 x 9.5 mm.

Sustainability data

Country of material origin


Country of product manufacture






Knauf Acoustic and Design Solutions For Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Knauf Acoustic and Design Solutions For Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

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