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Suitable for all traffic including pedestrians, car, 4x4 and lorry.


Unique paving system, which combines the strength of honeycomb grids and the resilience of a bound aggregate surface to provide an attractive and innovative paving solution. The combination of these two layers creates a strong surface that is aesthetically pleasing, 100% porous and wheelchair accessible.

Unlike traditional resin bound installations, Core Bound can be laid without the need for a pre-existing hard surface. The hexagonal grid forms the structural layer that holds the base aggregate in place and provides a porous, strong and stable surface.

The base is topped with natural stones or recycled glass in a solvent free aliphatic UV-stable binder. The clear binder is ecological, permeable and sustainable. It provides a surface that absorbs shock whilst protecting against weathering and the yellowing effects of UV rays.

Features and benefits:

  • Eco-friendly.
  • Does not require a pre-existing hard standing.
  • Withstands vehicular traffic.
  • Easy to install and easy to repair.
  • Protects against weathering and UV effects.
  • Porous for excellent water drainage.
  • Geotextile backing prevents weed growth.
  • Used in SUDS and DDA compliant paving installations.


Suitable for all traffic including pedestrians, car, 4x4 and lorry.

General information
Specification data - Plastics cellular pavers
Product Reference

CORE Bound - Resin Bound Stabiliser System

Grid base cell size

Insert requirement, contact manufacturer for information.


Autumn Quartz 1–3 mm

Autumn Quartz 2–5 mm

Beige 2–5 mm (UV)

Black 2–5 mm (UV)

Brittany Bronze 1–3 mm

Brittany Bronze 2–5 mm

Golden Pea 1–3 mm

Golden Pea 2–5 mm

Golden Quartz 2–5 mm

Green 1–3 mm

Green 2–5 mm

Red 1–3 mm

Red 2–5 mm

Rose Pink 1–3 mm (UV)

Silver 1–3 mm (UV)

Silver 2–5 mm (UV)

Trugrip 1–3 mm (UV)

White Flint 2–5 mm (UV)

Yellow 1–3 mm

Yellow 2–5 mm

Special mix

Insert requirement from 'Options' below.

Standard product features

Grid base:

100% recycled or virgin polypropylene (dependent on application).


Attached 50 g/m² non-woven, 75 mm to female edge.


1–6 mm, washed and dried.


Two-part polyurethane, with aliphatic clear and aromatic amber solvent free binders.

UV/ chemical resistance:


Product Options

Aggregate special mix:

Resin aggregate colour mixes are available, colours include: Amarello, Cappuccino, Dorado, Evening Rose, Farm House Gold, Grey Slate (UV), Honey Pot, Ireland Green, Jet Black (UV), Marble Crema (UV), Meadow, Merit (UV), Midnight Moon, Olympus, Oyster Pearl (UV), Purity, Quartz, Rosso Luna, Sahara (UV), Spring Haze, Starlight (UV), Summer Beach (UV), Sunset Garden, Sweat Pea, Titanium (UV) and Transcendance. Bespoke colours can be created, contact manufacturer for information.

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