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A two-pack high-build, solvent free, textured epoxy coating producing an anti-slip, hardwearing, chemical and abrasion resistant floor finish.

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Congrip is a high performance, water-based, epoxy resin protective coating designed for floors and walls and ceilings. It is a low odour product and safe to use in confined spaces, near foodstuffs and in fire hazard areas. It is designed for use in pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing plants and other areas where strict hygiene demands a clean room environment. Congrip is also designed for use on car park intermediate decks.

System components:

  • Congrip Basecoat.
  • Aggregate.
  • Congrip Topcoat.

Joint system:

Flexijoint suits all manner of construction methods, including crack induced/ sawn joints and pre-formed expansion joints as well as coved skirting details and other finishing requirements.


Existing surfaces must be clean, dry and free from contamination, which can prevent the effective adhesion of coatings and screeds. For heavily oil contaminated surfaces, the concrete should be shotblasted and maybe subjected to hot compressed air (HCA) followed by a holding primer of WD Bonder or WD Aquatect. Conren recommend mechanical preparation for most substrates prior to installation of epoxy resin coatings/ screeds and offer a range of primer systems to suit most situations.

General information




Non-slip, low odour, hygienic, durable, chemical resistant


Epoxy resin


All warranties provided are based on each individual project - dependant on environmental and maintenance factors

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_68_70 Resin floor coatingsPrimary


M12/10 Resin flooring

M12/110 Resin flooring

Specification data - Resin floor coatings

Product Reference



Not required

WD Aquatect

WD Bonder

Resin flooring




Congrip Basecoat

By brush or roller

Broadcast aggregate

To cover surface

Congrip Topcoat

By brush or roller


Arctic Blue

Conren Blue


Dark Grey

Light Green

Light Grey

Light Stone

Mid Green

Tile Red

Surface finish/ treatment

Not required

Product Options


Conren offers a range of primer systems to suit most situations. WD Bonder is the standard primer following mechanical preparation. WD Aquatect, water vapour suppressant/ primer should be used where the moisture content in a new concrete slab exceeds 75% RH, e.g. in fast track construction projects. WD Aquatect improves surface adhesion and bonding of the flooring system to new concrete or where the presence of a DPM is suspect.


Mix Congrip Basecoat and apply immediately using a paintbrush or lambswool roller. Whilst the Basecoat is still tacky, broadcast aggregate across surface until the desired anti-slip finish is achieved. Allow to cure overnight. Brush off any loose aggregate, mix Congrip Topcoat and apply immediately using a paintbrush or lambswool roller as a thin continuous film.


Other colours can be formulated on request, from both the BS 4800 and RAL colour groups.

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