Concrete block kerb


Designed for use with the Charcon Europa block paving range and manufactured from a range of locally obtained aggregates, using a semi-dry manufacturing process.

Block kerb products comply with the performance levels of BS EN 1338.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_93_45_18 Concrete kerbsPrimary


Q10/150 Concrete block

Specification data - Concrete kerbs

Product Reference

Concrete block kerb LK

Large kerb, HB and BN profile.

Concrete block kerb MK

Medium kerb.

Concrete block kerb SK

Small kerb.







BN dropper LH

BN dropper RH

HB dropper LH

HB dropper RH

Crossing unit

BN dropper to mobility crossing LH

BN dropper to mobility crossing RH

HB dropper to mobility crossing LH

HB dropper to mobility crossing RH

Mobility crossing unit

LK/A internal radius

LK/B upright internal/ external radius BN

LK/C external radius HB

LK/D upright internal angle HB

LK/E upright external angle HB

LK/F upright internal angle BN

LK/G upright external angle BN

LK/H flat internal angle HB

LK/J flat external angle HB

MK/A external angle BN

MK/B internal angle BN

MK/C external angle splay

MK/D internal angle splay

MK/E external radius splay

MK/F internal/ external radius BN

SK/A external angle

SK/B internal angle

SK/C internal radius

SK/D external radius

Standard product features


Designed to withstand occasional vehicular impact.

Product Options

Product reference:

LK blocks can be reversed to have either BN or HB profile.


Available in four standard colours.

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