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ComFlor® - Floor and deck structure systems

ComFlor® 46

Tata Steel Variant:
Third party certifications:
  • BES 6001

    BES 6001

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  • UKAS


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Steel composite floor decking / Floor & Deck Structure Systems

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Composite floor decking applications, such as multi-story car parks, schools, colleges, hospitals and multi-storey offices.


A range of seven steel composite floor profiles, each designed specifically for a particular application area. The range offers many benefits including speed of installation, long spanning capabilities, lightweight buildings, excellent fire resistance, all responsibly sourced from a UK factory and certified to BES 6001.

ComFlor® specifically designed for rapid installation of flooring and to facilitate lower mass buildings with long clear span composite concrete floors. Large areas can be easily craned into position and in excess of 400 m² laid by one two-man team per day. With minimal mesh or fibre reinforcement and pumped concrete, the completed floor can quickly follow.

With ComFlor® 46, 51, 60, 80 and 100 covering unpropped construction up to 4.5 m, and propped spans in excess of 7 m, each profile offers particular application benefits.

The decks are suitable for conventional composite construction where the deck is on the top flange of the steel support beam.

ComFlor® 210 and 225 are both designed to be used with the Slimdek® system, or another integrated beam system with asymmetric beams that allow the floor deck to land on the bottom flange. With typical unpropped spans extending to 6 m and propped spans to 9 m the deep decks provide clear open space between beams.

The deck is contained within the beam depth, which provides a very shallow floor zone. The shape of the deck profiles allow for service integration and the whole system provides inherent fire resistance.

ComFlor® 9.0.34 Software analyses each of the ComFlor® composite floor decks in construction stage, service stage and for fire resistance, under a wide range of loading configurations.

Design principles are in accordance with the appropriate parts of BS 5950 : Part 4 (1994), Part 6 (1995), Part 8 (1991) For design to the Eurocodes, the design principles are in accordance with BS EN 1993-1-3, 1994-1-1 and EN 1994-1-2:Eurocode 4. The design checks performed by the program cover the construction stage, the normal design stage and fire.

The range includes:

- ComFlor® 46:

Classic composite flooring, 46 mm deep profile, easily transported, simple and efficient.

  • Nestable. The simple trapezoidal shape neatly fits one profile into another, allowing more square metres per bundle.
  • Low transport cost. Results in reduced environmental impact and in less crane time.
  • Suitable for export, maximizing the square meterage per container.
  • Fast laying.

- ComFlor® 51+:

A contemporary new design of the original British 51 mm deep re-entrant profile.

  • Virtually flat soffit.
  • Composite performance – floor slab. New embossments give even better shear key.
  • Composite performance – beam. Due to effective shear stud performance.
  • Excellent fire, acoustic, and point loading performance.
  • Easy attachment for services.

- ComFlor® 60:

Combined trapezoidal and re-entrant, 60 mm deep profile.

  • Versatile. The combined round-shouldered profile gives excellent span capability with straightforward service attachment.
  • Low concrete and steel usage to reduce weight.
  • Central stud capability to ensure beneficial placement.
  • Closed ends available.
  • Colorcoat FD®25 or Colorcoat FD®170 pre-finished steel available.
  • 600 mm cover, as recommended by Health and Safety guidelines for installation operatives.

- ComFlor® 80:

Combined trapezoidal and re-entrant, 80 mm deep composite profile with long span capability.

  • Versatile. The combined profile allows easy service attachment, with longer spanning ability.
  • Reduces the number of secondary beams, giving a cleaner, lower cost structure.
  • Central stud capability ensuring beneficial placement.
  • Available in Colorcoat FD®25 or FD®170 pre-finished soffit, giving a bright finish.
  • 600 mm cover, as recommended by Health and Safety guideline for installation operatives.

- ComFlor® 100:

Strong long span, 100 mm deep composite profile for non-composite beams.

  • Long span strength reduces or eliminates temporary propping.
  • Fast laying.
  • Suitable for use with concrete beams or non-composite steel beams.
  • Nestable profile gives low transport and handling costs.
  • Suitable for export, maximising the square meterage per container.

- ComFlor® 210:

The original deep ultra-long span, 210 mm deep composite profile introduced for the first Slimflor® systems.

  • Cross stiffener technology and deep profile shape provides a very efficient metal deck and composite slab.
  • Especially suited to bear on to the extended lower flange of a steel beam, can also be used on the top flange.
  • Nestable profile gives low transport and handling costs, making it suitable for export.

- ComFlor® 225:

High performance, 225 mm deep deck specifically designed to enhance for Slimdek® and all other integrated steel beam systems.

  • Optimized profile design gives superb span capability and composite performance with very small concrete usage.
  • Enables all the benefits of Slimdek® type systems, including 6 m un-propped spans, big open areas and slimmer floor zone.
  • Easy service attachment and integration with the inclusion of a re-entrant profile.
  • Provides reduced overall floor height with fewer steel beams which enable an extra floor every eight floors within the same building height.

- ComFlor® Formwork:

32 to 210 mm deep non-composite profiles are available which are used as permanent formwork.

  • The steel decking supports wet concrete and construction loads.
  • Temporary propping is can be eliminated, and steel lost formwork is left in situ which provides for fast construction.
  • The concrete slab requires a full structural bar or mesh reinforcement.
  • The wide range of Tata Steel formwork profiles ensures the optimum solution is available.

Features and benefits:

  • High levels of fire resistance from all slabs with zero soffit protection.
  • Full traceability of all components.
  • Long spanning capability between beams (deep deck range).
  • Low vibration design to meet the most stringent vibration requirements.
  • All composite decks are CE marked in accordance with BS EN 1090.


  • Tata Steel's Galvatite®, hot-dip zinc coated steel to BS EN 10346 S280GD+Z275, with guaranteed minimum proof strength of 280 and 350N/mm² and zinc coating of total mass 275 g/m² (including both sides).
  • This is sufficient for internal floors in a non-aggressive environment, which satisfies the requirement in Clause 4.2 BS EN 1994-1-1.

Fire performance and load/ span information:

Consult technical literature for details.

Minimum trapezoidal deck concrete cover required to achieve the following fire resistance:

  • 60 minutes: 60 mm (NWC) and 60 mm (LWC).
  • 90 minutes: 70 mm (NWC) and 70 mm (LWC).
  • 120 minutes: 80 mm (NWC) and 80 mm (LWC).

ComFlor® Formwork:

  • F32: Cover width: 1000 mm, 200 mm pitch, 32 mm depth.
  • F35: Cover width: 900 mm, 150 mm pitch, 35 mm depth.
  • F46: Cover width: 900 mm, 225 mm pitch, 46 mm depth.
  • F60: Cover width: 700 mm, 200 mm pitch, 60 mm depth.
  • F100: Cover width: 700 mm, 223.3 mm pitch, 100 mm depth.
  • F159: Cover width: 750 mm, 250 mm pitch, 159 mm depth.
  • F210: Cover width: 600 mm, 424 mm crown, 210 mm depth.

Supporting beam width:

The width of the supporting beam used as default in our design software and load-span tables is taken at 152 mm, except for deep decks which are assumed to bear on an extended bottom flange 400 mm wide.


  • May be controlled by mesh reinforcement provided across the tops of the beams.
  • Additional reinforcement may be required to fulfil the following roles:
  • Transverse reinforcement adjacent to shear connectors.
  • U-bars at composite edge beams.
  • Additional crack control reinforcements.
  • Strengthening around openings.
  • Strengthening at positions of concentrated loads.


- Galvatite®

Standard unpainted finish for steel composite floor decks

- Colorcoat FD® 25:

Suitable for use where the exposed soffit is used as a feature of the building's interior. Topcoat is available in white as standard.

- Colorcoat FD® 170:

Suitable for use where the exposed soffit is used as a feature of the building's interior and where greater environmental protection is required.

Through deck welded shear studs cannot be used, however alternative fixing options, such as pre-stud welding the beam are available.

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General information









The shape of the deck profiles allows for service integration.







Pr_25_71_51_89 Steel profiled sheetPrimary


G30/110 Metal profiled sheet decking

Product range


Specification data - Steel profiled sheet


BS EN 1090.




0.90 mm.

1.20 mm.








46 mm.

Valley width

100 mm.

105 mm.

120 mm.

135 mm.

54 mm.

63 mm.

Trough width

110 mm.

124 mm.

150 mm.

158 mm.

170 mm.

178 mm.

Crown width

67 mm.

Cover width

900 mm.


225 mm.



Slab depth

96–250 mm.

Concrete volume: 0.077–0.231 m³/m².


Insert details. Please refer to manufacturer's span table for profile/ slab depths.

Sheet length


10 m.

ComFlor® deep decks.

12 m.

ComFlor® shallow decks up to 100 mm deep.


Galvanized steel.

Applied finish


Available for all types.

Environmental information

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom




ComFlor technical manual

ComFlor technical manual

ComFlor® Manual

ComFlor® Manual



ComFlor® range at a glance brochure

ComFlor® range at a glance brochure

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Third party certifications

BES 6001

BES 6001

BES 6001



ISO 14001 / 45001



ISO 9001



EPD ComFlor CF210 Structural Floor Decking



EPD ComFlor CF51+ Structural Floor Decking



EPD ComFlor CF60 Structural Floor Decking



EPD ComFlor CF80 Structural Floor Decking