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The Comar 1 Single Glazed Aluminium Framework System is designed for use as a low rise façade for shopfronts, entrances and partitions with a variety of corner angles and profiles to give design flexibility.

The system comprises a two part channel and plate mullion clipped together to form a 100 x 45 mm box section to enable a modular sash construction. All main extrusions have four screw fixing ports.

Additional profiles allow for 90° and 135° returns and a range of sill sections provide drainage to the exterior.

General information
Specification data - Aluminium window walls
Product Reference

Comar 1 Single Glazed Ground Floor Treatment


As drawings

As schedule

___ x ___ mm

Frame finish

Anodized – black

Anodized – bronze

Anodized – silver

Liquid organic coating – colour ___

Polyester powder coated – colour ___

Incorporated features

Comar 7 Alumimium doors

Comar 5 Aluminium windows

Standard product features


  • Frame: Extruded aluminium profiles of aluminium alloy 6063 T5 or T6 to BS 1474.
  • Glazing gaskets and seals: extruded from EPDM.


  • Height and width: ± 1.5 mm.
  • Difference in length of diagonals: 4 mm.

Product Options


  • Black/ Bronze/ Silver anodizing to BS 1615 or BS 4842.
  • Liquid organic coating to BS 4842.
  • Polyester powder coating to BS 6496.

Consult with Comar for availability of liquid organic and polyester powder coating colours.


Consult with Comar for recommendations and details.


  • Single glazing from 4 mm to 13.5 mm thickness can be accommodated.
  • Consult with Comar for recommendations and insert thickness and types of glass.


The Comar 1 system can be used in conjunction with Comar 5 system window types and Comar 7 Aluminium doors.

Fire resistance of complete system:

Consult with Comar for recommendations and details.

Sound insulation rating:

Consult with Comar for recommendations and details.


Consult with Comar for recommendations and details.

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