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  • Cinemas and theatres.
  • Cafeterias.


The Colortone range is available in Dune eVo, Fine Fissured or Neeva surfaces depending on acoustic requirements. Combine Neeva black with the Prelude 24 black grid for a suitable cinema application or other dark spaces.

Features and benefits:

  • Good acoustical absorption: 1.00 αw.
  • Four colours are available.
  • Recyclable.
  • Low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, A rating.
  • Class A sound absorption.
  • Manufactured using 20% recycled material.
  • 15-year product guarantee.
  • 30-year system guarantee.

Load capacity:

  • Varies with layout, grid type, tile selected and hanger spacing. Consult manufacturer's technical sales department for details.
  • Fittings exceeding the load capacity or with dynamic characteristics (such as air diffusers) will need independent suspension.


Compatible grids, by edge detail. To be specified separately; consult manufacturer for details.

  • Prelude 24 TLS/ XL²: Exposed 24 mm grid.
  • Prelude 24 Sixty² TLS/ XL²: Exposed 24 mm grid.
  • Prelude 24 CR: 24 mm corrosive resistant grid. Recommended when system is to be installed in areas >90% RH.


  • Cinemas and theatres.
  • Cafeterias.

General information


Pr_35_93_13_53 Mineral fibre infill unitsPrimary


K40/10 Unit/ modular suspended ceilings

K40/105 Suspended ceiling system

K40/115 Unit/ modular suspended ceiling system

Product range

Mineral tiles and planks

Specification data - Mineral fibre infill units

Product Reference

Colortone Neeva Black


Insert requirements. Consult manufacturer for BIM/ CAD details.

Module size (w x l, nominal)

600 x 600 mm

1200 x 600 mm

Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Edge detail: Board. Lay-in square edge for 24 mm grid.
  • Thickness: 15 mm.
  • Sound reduction index Rw to EN ISO 140-3 and EN ISO 717-1: 7 dB.
  • Sound absorption αw to EN ISO 354 and EN ISO 11654: 1.00.
  • Sound absorption class: A.
  • Sound absorption NRC: 0.95.
  • Thermal conductivity to EN 12667 and ISO 8301: 0.033 W/m·K.
  • Relative humidity: 95%.
  • Weight: 1.2 kg/m².
  • Reaction to fire to EN 13501-1: Euroclass, A1.

Sound absorption:

Weighted sound absorption coefficient (alpha w). Rating for random incidence sound absorption determined in accordance with EN ISO 11654. Measured values obtained in accordance with EN ISO 20354 are converted into octave bands, plotted on a graph and compared to a standard reference curve until a 'best fit' is obtained. The derived αw will vary between 0.00 and 1.00.

Sound reduction index:

Dnfw rating derived from laboratory measurement of room-to-room airborne sound insulation of suspended ceiling with plenum above. Rating determined in accordance with EN ISO 717-1 from measurements made in accordance with EN IS0 10848-2 over the third-octave band frequency range 100–3150 Hz.

Product Options

Edge detail:

Board: Lay-in square edge for 24 mm grid.

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