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Clip Tops

A two-part clip system with aluminium base and rigid PVC top. A flat profile for joining two surfaces of equal height and a ramp profile where there is a variance in height of the two adjoining flooring materials.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_31_90 Two-part floor transition stripsPrimary


L30/592 Trims/ Edgings

M40/10 Natural stone covering to

M40/110 Tiling to

M40/115 Natural stone covering to

M40/12 Mosaic to

M40/120 Mosaic to

M40/5 Tiling to

M41/110 Terrazzo tiling

M41/120 In situ terrazzo

M41/130 Precast terrazzo

M41/140 Marble tiling

M50/70 Edgings and cover strips

M50/740 Edgings and cover strips

M51/510 Edgings and cover strips

Specification data - Two-part floor transition strips

Product Reference


Ramp base, size (l x w x d): 2500 x 34 x 6.25 mm.


Flat base, size (l x w x d): 2500 x 17 x 8.55 mm.


Ramp top, size (l x w x d): 2500 x 53 x 6.25 mm.


Flat top, size (l x w x d): 2500 x 37 x 8-10 mm.

Colour/ Finish

Black 16

TTOP1 and TTOP3 only.

Dolphin grey 43

TTOP1 and TTOP3 only.

Mill aluminium 80

TBAS1 and TBAS3 only.

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